RELATIONSHIPS: Our Mother Is A Shege Woman. (Part 2)

The following Saturday, my mother asked my father and brother to pick up an item which she had ordered for her. As soon as they left, she dressed up and told my sister and I that she was going to town and would be back. Then she asked us to prepare dinner, we said okay and watched her leave. When she left my sister looked at me and we both knew. Now, how to follow her was the issue. We also had been given a task to perform. Then we looked at each other again and smiled. We knew someone who could do that for us. One of our cousins, so we called her to inform her.

So, our shege woman went to “work”. She had really dressed for the occasion. She got to the wedding just when they were about to exchange the vows and ordered the police men with her to arrest the groom. When the groom saw her, he tried running but the police were fast to catch him. The church was thrown into an uproar. People were looking at our mother like some witch. She just didn’t care. Hmm, the family of the groom and the pastors came to beg as the police took the guy away. The guy was begging and crying.

My mother laughed and looked at them. “You all are part of the problem, where were you when your son was messing around. I don’t think my daughter was the only victim. He needs to learn a lesson” The mother came from nowhere and said, “Ah,so he didn’t have anything to do with you? So why isn’t your daughter the one here? You are the one rather worsening matters” My mother nearly slapped the woman. She started screaming, “Hey aban, take him away!” then turning to the family she said, “You think it is every family you can play with onng? You don’t know who you are messing with”

The mother was now begging. They all pleaded. My mother looked the other way and stretched out her hand. “Pay me what he owes and we will resolve it here and now.” The father asked how much and everyone screamed when they heard the amount. All this while, their son had being living a lie. The father and the mother started fumbling on how they didn’t have it and how they had believed the son was involved in a legit business. Hm. My mother asked the police men, who had now placed this my sister’s ex in a car to hold on.

It took them a long while to come up with some money. It wasn’t even up to half of the said amount but my mother allowed them to let go of the guy and made him go for his wedding. On condition that within a month he would fininsh up or else he was in deep trouble. Hmm. The family had now calmed down and were thanking my mother and saluting her. She walked out and left. She had no idea our cousin was there to view it all as well as send us videos.

This guy went and continued his wedding and started his marriage with a huge debt. He hasn’t finished paying. He sends my sister an amount each month. We don’t know how his wife got my sister’s number. She called her once, insulting my sister and saying all manner of things.

What happened next took us all by surprise. My sister also fought back, she insulted the lady and dressed her from head to toe. All we heard her say was, “Woresu?, wonya nhu hweee. If that foolish husband of yours makes a mistake, I will make sure he sells even your home to finish paying me once and for all. Nonsense”

My mother sat there, unsure if that was her daughter. When she cut the line, she threw her phone somewhere. My father scolded her to take it easy on the lady. She needed to vent and felt she should direct it to my sister. My mother came to shake my sisters hand and said, “Medaase”

I think my sister is also on her way to becoming a “shege” woman. As for me, everyone knows I am neither here nor there. Maybe one day, love will also turn me into one.

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