RELATIONSHIPS: My MIA Baby Daddy Came Back (2)

Around the time that my baby daddy came back, I had started dating someone. He knew all about my past and treated my daughter as his own, although in the beginning he was torn between dating someone like me and moving on. My daughter loved having him around and he did his best for us. When Alex, my baby daddy returned, it brought a lot problems into my relationship. My daughter had grown used to my boyfriend and had started calling him daddy.

One time, she called both of them “daddy” and then asked me who she should be calling daddy. That wasn’t even the main issue. Alex would come over unannounced and annoy my boyfriend until he left. He warned my daughter not to call my boyfriend “daddy” and that my boyfriend was trying to steal me away from him. She started acting up. She would refuse to allow my boyfriend in to the house, she would call her father and tell him that my boyfriend was around and within minutes he would come over to embarrass me.

My boyfriend started withdrawing, I did my best to plead with him not to leave me and he reminded me that these issues were what he was afraid would happen should Angel’s father show up. Finally after almost a year of trying to convince me to leave my boyfriend to be with him and to travel abroad with him and Angel, he left alone to start a new life. I was thankful he had left but he still found ways to torment me from wherever he was living.

Then the troubles started falling on my boyfriend and I like big rocks. My boyfriend had to be sent home for over four months when he suffered an accident on the job. He was a construction foreman. Around that time, we had been planning to get married. I rose to the occasion and took care of him aside my daughter and I. At work, due to the increased stress from home, my performance on the job was falling.

My supervisor called me to speak to me on several occasions but I was feeling overwhelmed. When the company downsized, I was let go.  I became worried and couldn’t sleep. How were we going to move on in life? We had put our wedding preparations on hold, trying to find ways and means to survive.

Alex chose that time to return. This time, he was sweet and did his best to change my mind about him. He was civil with my boyfriend whenever he came to meet him at my end. He provided for our needs even against my constant attempts to stop him. My boyfriend saw all these and felt jealous and wanted to let go. He was scared I would return to him. There were days I thought about it and wanted to return to my baby daddy.

But when I remembered how I had suffered for almost six years without even a phone call from him to check on his daughter I gathered strength and made a plan. In front of my family, my boyfriend and he himself, I poured out my feelings and made it clear to him he couldn’t continue disrespecting my new man and embarrassing me. He had a duty to his daughter and not me. He got up and left, his face showing anger and disgrace.

The moment he left, his devilish antics came back on again but this time I was ready to face him.  God being so good, my boyfriend healed completely and was called back to work. Alex did everything to ruin our wedding but he failed miserably. I am finally married and I am a content one. Alex has left again and this time has not even bothered about his daughter. I don’t care if he doesn’t show up again. We are in a good place and moving on without him.

Written by East@Edito468

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