RELATIONSHIPS: My Love Can’t Be Taken For Granted. (Part 2)

My mother met me at the gate because I don’t get home so late from work. I cried on her shoulder as I showed her the invite. She pulled me inside our house as I cried some more. The next day, I didn’t go to work. My mother consoled me and told me that he wasn’t worth my tears. They were all angry for the deception and the disappointment. Me, I had my own plans for him. I couldn’t wait for this world to teach him a lesson.

I went online and purchased some items from one of these “guru” relationship mama’s. A day after his wedding, he called that he needed to see me. I applied the products and made sure my lips were succulent. He was so happy to see me but I pretended to be anxious and frustrated. He asked me about my sudden mood swing and I informed him about a store I had been trying to acquire. He asked me about the amount and I mentioned an amount three times the original amount. He wrote a check of two thirds the amount which he gave me.

Straight from his place, I went and cashed out the money. He had asked me to see meet him at his bank the next day so I  prepared early the next day and went. I didn’t use all the products I had bought that day. I forgot about my succulent lipstick. When he saw me, he was confused. He asked me what I was doing there. I asked him if he didn’t remember and he said no. I laughed quietly. He said he didn’t even know what he was doing at his bank. So I explained everything to him and he was angry that I had duped him of his money.

This guy had the audacity to report me to the police that I had stolen his money. I laughed when they came for me. When I saw them coming for me, I dressed shabbily and went with them. They interrogated me and I told them our story. We had dated for five years. Five years of which four were in financial poverty.  I had been supporting him until about twelve months ago, he had gone into a business deal that went extremely well.

He had then come to me for some money for us to go into a business and that business had just taken off when someone sent me his wedding details. Someone who had gone to see my parents about coming to marry me the following month was marrying someone else with our joint money. Money which was mostly mine. So I didn’t say anything but he had called me after his wedding, asking to see me. I went and told him about a store business I wanted to run. I didn’t have the funds as I wished and he had gifted me 2/3rds of the said amount.

I cried at this point, “Officer, tell me. “Is it right for a man to treat a woman he claims to love like this? He gave me the money and now wants me to be arrested for it?” I showed them our chats and pictures of the cash cheque. The officers were now looking at him with so much anger. They dismissed us and made the case a foolish case. That day, I asked my mother not to bother cooking.

I took my whole family out for a treat. They asked me where I got the money from and I responded I had been saving for this day. It was a memorable night for me. I am sure wherever he was, he was fuming. He had almost cleared his account for me and he had been directed to give me back all the money I had invested in his “business”. You see, you cant take someone’s love for granted just like that. You can take your love somewhere else, but certainly not my hard earned money.

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