RELATIONSHIPS: My Love Can’t Be Taken For Granted. (Part 1)

As for me, I know the kind of woman that I am. I am loving, ambitious, grounded and a no nonsense person. I believe that each person should know who they really are and not let anybody take them for granted. Even if you are the shy and quiet type, sometimes you have to speak up. Once upon a time, I was something of the kind. Sweet, shy and loving but after one messed and relationship full of betrayal, I came to the conclusion that sometimes people change people.

I was looking for love and cupid sent this man my way. We had been together for five good solid years when this man decided to betray me. This betrayal cost me a lot and I thought about it for days. I was cleaning his place one Saturday when someone sent me some photos. I dropped the duster and slowly sat down on the floor. I cried my eyes out. My man was getting married in three months’ time. I looked at the pictures and cried some more.

So there was no decency in this guy to at least break up with me and go and marry who he wanted. He wanted to use me and chop me well before going for that innocent looking girl. I was sad, I was crushed but most of all I was disappointed. Why were some human beings so wicked and unthinking. I decided to break up with him but when I saw him that evening, I decided to hold on for a while.

That night, that sex was on fire. He was smiling sweetly afterwards, praising my skills. I looked at him coyly whilst in deep thought. Early the following morning, I left before he woke up. He didn’t understand my behavior and called to ask why. I lied that there was something I needed to see to. That Sunday, I cried as I lay in bed. When I got tired from crying, I would think about our relationship. The following week, at work, I was mostly absent minded. I was still contemplating what to do.

I lay out all the pieces of evidence in front of me. He had been unfaithful once, but he had worked on it and he had only been discussing marriage plans with me two weeks earlier. What if the sender was lying? What if they were trying to break us up? He hadn’t done or said anything suspicious, neither had anyone around him. Was my mind playing tricks on me? He had sent me twice to his home but I hadn’t thought it necessary to be in contact with his family yet so I didn’t have their contacts.

I decided to still be with him and see how this whole thing would play out. It could be someone wanted to break us up. The number wasn’t in my contacts list. Whenever I called, it didn’t go through. For the following weeks, he was with me just as he always had done when he had time. If he wasn’t with me, he was at work or out solving something on our new business or seeing to costs concerning our planned marriage.

A week to his “supposed” marriage, I received a mail at work. I opened it and it was an invitation card to my boyfriend’s marriage. Hm, this really broke me. Just the previous week, he had been to my parents about his intention to marry me. My father had spoken to him at length and asked him to go prepare and return with his family. Another funeral started in my small cubicle. Why and how could he treat me like this? I couldn’t leave my cubicle until late at night when I knew everyone had left.

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