RELATIONSHIPS: I “Tied” Her Down Until……… (Part 2)

The Anna I had come to know and fell in love with wasn’t the same person I saw on the hospital bed. She had been near death but had had a miraculous turnaround. When she saw me, she didn’t recognize me. Her sister was surprised. She hadn’t suffered any brain damage or amnesia but she insisted she didn’t know me. I was taken aback. I decided to go and see the man again, this time, by myself.

The mallam looked at me warily as I sat down. I explained everything to him. He laughed and referred me to when he asked me if I was sure of what I had wanted, the last time I was there. I asked what it had got to do with anything. He shouted and said, “that is where everything started from”

“You were greedy, you were insatiable. Your love for her was never pure, and even if it was, these charms also have a lifespan which need to be renewed if you want to continue using it. You wanted something much more potent. That power is a huge risk and can go bad. That is what has happened”

I was scared and sweating at this point. “Baba, so what is the way forward?” He told me there was no way forward. Nature had taken over and would see to things. But there were two things involved, either I died or she died or…. I would suffer huge losses for a long time to come. He ordered me to leave as a strong wind blew around us.

I was sure I was going to die. I had started this whole mess. Whatever it was, it should come for me not Anna. As Anna was in the hospital, her situation became very unstable. Then I also begun to suffer. My manhood shrunk with each passing day, I got numerous skin infections and lost a lot of weight. I lost my job and some money in my account was withdrawn mysteriously. Things weren’t looking good for me. At least, Anna started to recover slowly but she still didn’t remember.

People found what was happening to us strange. There were a lot of rumours flying around but all I wanted was for Anna to get better as I waited for death. When Anna was discharged, I got so much worse that I had to be sent to one of these “sunsum sɔre” prayer camps. That was were the truth came out. The man of God advised me to go and ask for forgiveness and seek to repair the damage done to my ex.

It wasn’t easy. Asking for forgiveness from a person who barely remembered you and doing them some act of good when you couldn’t even boast of a cedi? It took me two years to find a way to get to her and ask for forgiveness. The emotion I saw in her eyes, I can’t even describe.

She is married with kids now but I am still paying for my foolish deeds. At least, I have life. I keep on praying for forgiveness and restoration but it hasn’t been easy. All those friends I had, especially the ones who introduced ne to this thing have shunned me and I have no one.

It is a big lesson to me and I hope Anna one day forgives me. Maybe that is what I need to finally break free. Forgiveness.

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