RELATIONSHIPS: I “Tied” Her Down Until……… (Part 1)

Yes, I did what I am about to talk about. No, I am not happy about it and yes, I have regretted my actions. This was the time when these love charms and potions were beginning to gain popularity in our societies. I didn’t consider myself the kind of guy who would sink so low because of love but yet still, I did. Partly, I would say it was the kind of friends I had around me as well as the social media era we find ourselves in. I am not apportioning blames but I am outlining the major factors that led to some of the bad and stupid decisions I made.

Anna was the kind of girl that you see for the first time and you want to have a second and a third look at. She had all the curves in the right places, her lips were so damn kissable and her smile would melt you. Her skin was so fair and smooth, she looked like a goddess. Her voice was so calming to listen to and her laughter was just the right tone…. sweet.

We lived in the same neighborhood and reports that reached me stated that a lot of guys had approached her but she had turned all of them down. She came from a respectable and well to do family and she was living up to their reputation. Smart, intelligent and well-mannered children. I was the kind of guy that liked to lay low.  When I told some of my friends about my intention to get close to her, they wished me good luck and laughed.

I was scared she would look down on me because all I had was my good looks and a little bit of brains. She turned out to be neither here nor there. Anna was nice, only as nice as one could be to a total stranger. I dint give up, I found ways and means to be around her whenever possible. She started warming up to me and I enjoyed the friendship we shared. So, after gathering some vim after nine months of knowing her, I proposed. Unfortunately, she turned me down.

I wanted to prove to my guys in the hood that I had “made” it so I didn’t give up. Three months after the first proposal, I proposed again and yet, it was another negative response. I decided to give us some time before trying again and yet, I was let down miserably.  So I told some friends about this dilemma and they introduced me to this mallam. He gave me some charms and instructions which I followed religiously.

From then, it was like I was the only person who existed in this whole world. She was nicer, kinder and sweeter to me. When I proposed again, she didn’t let me land. She said yes. I told my guys about what had been going on, they were happy for me. Anna was always around me, spreading me with a lot of cash and gifts. If you don’t like this, then what do you like? I got greedy, I must say.

I wanted more so I went back to my friends who took me to the mallam again. He asked of my mission there and I told him it was simple. I wanted to tighten things. He laughed and asked me if I was sure and if I was ready. I said that I was. So he gave me new charms to use and we left. I got everything I wanted and more from this lady.

I felt I had conquered her and told all the guys about my victory. Just around that time, Anna fell seriously ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. I wasn’t moved to go and see her because I felt everything I had wanted from her, I had received it. But something kept pushing me to go and see her.

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