This experience of mine happened early on in my relationship. I was still young and naïve so I kept it to myself until I couldn’t carry it anymore. I was only twenty when we started going out. He had recently completed university and was job hunting. I liked him a lot and loved spending time with him. He would also visit me in school and come bearing gifts. My friends would tease me about having a boyfriend so soon in uni but I always ignored him.

When he spoke about us and the future, it was always promising and exciting. I found myself going to bed dreaming about the day he would ask me to marry him and when we would actually get married. Me in my very white gown and he looking as dashing as ever. After six months, he introduced me to some of his friends. He promised to make me meet some of his siblings before finally seeing his parents and him coming home. When he made that promise, it felt like my future was already sealed.

Life couldn’t be better. I had found a good man who loved me and was serious about settling down with me. I chuckled because some of my friends were with people who didn’t have plans for the day after the next. Back to meeting his friends. They had an outing where most of those dating came with their girls, it appeared I was the youngest amongst the bunch and I was made to feel at home. If anyone didn’t like me, I didn’t feel it or see it.

There was one of his friends who kept staring at me and it made me so uncomfortable and self-conscious. At one point, my boyfriend caught him staring at me and joked, “Man, stop spying someone’s property ooh, you de3, we know you” At this, his friend laughed and tried denying it even as all gathered there laughed and teased him. Then I told myself, this must be one of those bad friends. We never spoke about it neither did I ask or say anything when we got back. Three days later, I was on my way to lectures when he called me. His name was Jim. I was surprised as to how he got my number but we carried on a conversation until I got to class.

From that day, he would text me and call me, he even tried visiting me a couple of times but I declined. I wanted to ask him to stop the constant communication but I didn’t know how. I somehow always forgot to mention it to my boyfriend about how his friend was always trying to come on to me. After a while, I gave up. I tried ignoring him and blocking him but he always came back. Then one day, my boyfriend saw his missed call on my pone, I hadn’t even saved that number.

He was angry with me about how I didn’t mention it, I tried explaining things to him and finally he calmed down and gave me a stern warning about his friend. That day, there was a party on campus but I didn’t want to go. My friends convinced me and we went. I saw Jim and avoided him with all my might. I was even wondering what he was doing there since he wasn’t a student, neither did he have any business thereabout.  I should have known that party fruit punch isn’t just fruit punch, I kept on drinking until I got a bit tipsy. I got scared so I called my boyfriend to come for me.

By then, my friends had left me to see someone and Jim had found me so he came to sit by me. I asked him to get up and leave but he drew closer as I drew back. He pushed himself on me and kissed me as I held on to him, fighting to push him away. From afar, it looked like we were both into a kiss until I pushed him back and slapped him as hot tears left my eyes.

Unknown to us, my boyfriend had seen everything, alongside two of my friends. He left without even helping me up as Jim sat there, trying to pull me onto his laps. My friends came to my aid and helped me up and carried me away. My boyfriend didn’t listen to anything I came to tell him the next day.

Not even when my friends and a mutual friend who had been around when everything played out tried to get in touch with him to let him know the truth. His friend Jim, didn’t help matters, he went over to my boyfriend’s end and showed him all the times he had called me and even the texts, innocent and angry texts I had sent Jim to back off. But he only looked at the calls and concluded. He didn’t read through the texts. The fact that Jim showed him “Proof” that his girl wasn’t worth it was enough for him to break things off.

I cried, called, texted and pleaded with him to at least even listen to my friends but he didn’t. He let me go as though I had never mattered in his life. During my graduation, I met with one of his friend’s girlfriend who I had made friends with. She told me she didn’t blame me for what happened and hoped we got back together.

We never did and I never saw her again but I chanced upon a wedding invite which was later followed with pictures. My boyfriend married another girl who he met on campus after we broke up. I cried that day as I remembered all the times I had day dreamed of that day but it came. It came alright, only I wasn’t the one next to him in that beautiful, white dress.

Written by East@Edito468

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