RELATIONSHIPS: A Jekyll And Hyde Kind Of Love. (Part 1)

Some things happen in your life to prepare you for greater things that are about to happen to you. When I was a young girl, there was this book I read about a man with two characters. I think the title was Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde. After I read the book, I wondered what went wrong with the man. Was it purely genetics, mental or what? Well, I put Dr. Jekyll and Hyde behind me and went on with life.

I fell in love with this handsome and kind doctor. He wasn’t everything I had dreamed of but as I spent more time with him, I was convinced that he could be the one for me. He was dedicated to his work and did his utmost best. He was always at peace with his colleagues and he could be generous too. He did his best to make time to be with me because his job could be very demanding.

We were on a date when he stopped eating and looked at me in this weird way. I asked him if there was any issue. He asked me to take my time whilst eating. My chewing was making so much noise. I only said, “oh” and proceeded to wipe the corners of my mouth as he stared angrily at me. I lost appetite after that. I begun to pick at my food but he didn’t seem to notice. Now he was happily eating as I sat there.

On our way home, he was back to his old kind self. Trying to make conversation and also trying to find out if I had enjoyed our time together. I only nodded. It seems this is when his two-faced behavior started showing up. He would be in a good mood one time and the next be ordering or commanding me to do things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do naturally. Because I had become hooked on him, I couldn’t bring myself to step back and observe things.

Then, he slapped me during a misunderstanding one time. It wasn’t a painful one but it was the swiftness and the out of nowhere action that stunned me. He looked at me with my hand to my cheek and asked, “what? What is wrong with you? Stop acting like a child” I went into the kitchen because I needed space away from him. He followed me and attempted to see my cheek, asking what had happened.

I turned to look at him and shouted, “You just slapped me and you are asking what happened to my cheek?” he stood there confused and said he had never slapped me. I looked him up and down and left. The next incident was at a get together with some of his work colleagues. I had been absent minded for a while about something from work whilst they carried on a conversation. He nudged me but I was so lost in my thoughts. I felt something cold behind me and shot up abruptly. He gave this innocent face and said sorry as some of the ladies got me tissues to clean up.

He had poured his ice cold beer on me but had pretended it was an accident, all to get my attention. I was fuming but I kept my cool until we were in the car, headed for my house. In the car, he tried being romantic. I was so annoyed I shouted at him. I asked him why he did that. He just smiled. Whilst I ranted, he changed the route and sent me to his house. I was more than annoyed now and asked him what was going on with him.

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