Relationship Red Flags to Look out For (Part 1)

When a new relationship is formed and begins to blossom, it is easy to get caught up in the romance, the warm happy feelings it brings and how attractive your partner can be. They are the only person you think of. You can’t wait to be with them and you always ask yourself how lucky you were to have landed this one. Hold on right there…before you go on and on with your train of thoughts about what a great partner you’ve found, find out if indeed he/she is a genuine one.

Relationship red flags are behaviors you should look out for in your partner that signal that all is not well with them and to continue a relationship is to do so at your own risk. If the person exhibits one or two of these characters once in a long while, sometimes after a careful search, you will realize that it is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you find that these behaviors keep popping up more often than not, you should exit that relationship—quickly!


Communication is one important aspect of a relationship. Through constant communication, you form a bond with a partner. You get to understand each other better and find out more about yourselves. You also get to assess if this relationship has a future and you’re willing to move ahead with it.

If your partner is not able to open to you, if all they ask are surface questions such as “How’re you?”, “Have you eaten?”, or “How was your day?” then there is a problem. If most of their answers to questions you ask are only “Yes” or “No” and they don’t go further to talk about issues, that is a warning sign that your relationship is headed for trouble.


In the beginning of a relationship, it’s mostly acceptable to take things slow and enjoy the relationship and your partner. At this point, it’s okay if you don’t introduce your partner to the important people in your life that is your family and friends.

After a while, when the relationship is on steady ground and you both are sure this is what you want, you should at least know a few of his family and friends. If your partner keeps postponing your meeting their close family and friends or never even brings up plans of you meeting any of such people, that is not a good thing.


Watch how your partner talks to you and the words they use. Often times, you may brush it off in the beginning of the relationship. A partner who is constantly not respectful in words actions is highly a person who will become abusive later on. Their words will be emotionally abusive and if they feel pushed too far, they may be forced to get violent.

Other times, they can be just disrespectful people. They don’t show respect in their treatment of others, they don’t respect time and they act disrespectful most of the time. This is a person who’ll cause you major emotional pain and probably never apologize too.


When a person values you and the relationship they have with you, it makes it easier for them to apologize when they offend you. When people tell you that you have done something to hurt them, that is not the time to be explaining your actions or defending them. There are some people who believe they can do no wrong and are never at fault.

If you find yourself in a relationship with a person of this nature, you are never going to be happy.  They will make everything your fault, you can draw their attention to something wrong they did and they’ll brush it off. Make sure you don’t look back when you leave this kind of relationship.

Relationship red flags can be so subtle you may not even notice it. Other times too, it will be staring you right in the face. When people show you their behavior, don’t ignore them because you are so in love and they can do no wrong in your eyes.

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