Our Last Date Before Saying Goodbye.

It was almost dusk. People were hurrying to and from wherever it was they were going to. I was seated patiently waiting for my ex. I didn’t inform my husband about it. He knew the story about my ex and me and didn’t think it was a good idea for us to be in contact still. The breeze blew my hair around my face and a few strands stuck to the corners of my lips. I checked the time on my phone again. 5:55pm. Where was Daniel? He was supposed to be here over two hours ago. This meeting had to be over and done by now.

Try as I could, I couldn’t leave. He had sounded excited over the phone and I longed to see him again. My husband came to mind but I refused to think about him then. I would see him when I got home. I saw Daniel once in a blue moon since he had relocated to the States. The waiter approached me again, I decided to order juice and wait…. My fifth glass by then. After the waiter left, a pair of familiar hands covered my eyes. I knew who it was but I pretended, to while away time.

“Ah, who is that?” I said, feigning anger. There was no reply.

“Please, stop before I shout rape” Daniel laughed and took off his hands as he walked round to sit opposite me.

“You paaa, rape sɛn? Who’d rape a fine woman like you in broad daylight?”

I chuckled. “You, I guess.”

We looked at each other, each person wearing a fake angry look and burst into loud laughter. People from other tables looked our way but we didn’t care. Daniel pulled out a white sheet, his face all smiles.

“What is this, is this my alimony check?” I teased

He also played along, “Woman, you asked for 5000gh. I have brought it. Medeɛ sign na menkɔ”

Again, we made our fake angry faces but I pouted this time. Then we burst into laughter again.

“Okay, let me read through and see if it is like that pɛpɛɛɛpɛ” I took the sheet from his hand and read the content. My hand started shaking.

“So what do you say? Can I call your dad now? We’ll plan for bigger and better this time”

He saw the tears rolling from my eyes and his tone changed, “Bridget, sweetie are you okay? Isn’t this what we wanted? Isn’t this what we prayed about” He raised his hand and put it down again.

“Okay fine, you prayed about it mostly” He looked on helplessly for a while before I slowly put my left hand on the table, my wedding band shining gloriously. It was now his turn for him to start breaking down.

“No!!” he shouted as he banged his fist loudly on the table. More people looked our way and turned around again.

“Tell me it’s a lie.” He reached out for both of my hands. “How long has it been?”

“Six months” I replied through my tears.

 “Okay, okay, divorce him. But why didn’t you wait?”

There was hysteria in Daniel’s voice. The reason we were crying was because we had been waiting for this but never got it. We were remembering everything we had given up. I was crying because although I loved my husband, there was a tiny part of me that loved Daniel and had been hoping he’d show up, even on my wedding day and tell me not to say “yes” to my husband.

Daniel was probably emotional because he felt I should have been a bit more patient. But which woman could have been a bit more be patient in my situation?

We had almost made it to the altar. Everything had been bought, all arrangements made then the church prompted us that our pre wedding medical test results didn’t have our genotype test result. I had asked Daniel of his status when things were getting steady between us and he said he didn’t know but his mother told him he wasn’t a sickler.

I hadn’t been bothered because if you know him, then you know Daniel has a way with words. He’ll put you at ease and you’d not think about it again. Even when you were annoyed with him, he’d make the situation something to laugh about and then work on resolving the issue or ignoring it. That made me mad sometimes but you learn to live with the good and the bad.

So when we were prompted, we went in for the test with full vim. When we went for the results, we returned home with our world shaken. Daniel was confused whilst I was crying my eyes out. I already knew I was carrier, but for Daniel to be a carrier too? We both knew what it meant. Three years of being together had gone down the drain. All the money, time, effort and emotions that had gone into our wedding was also a waste now.

We spoke to our families, the church was involved and we were finally asked what we wanted to do. With a straight face, Daniel said he wanted us to go in for the test again. We went to a different hospital and waited to receive the result but we never got it. They claimed they couldn’t find our blood samples. Daniel asked us to go for the tesr again but on the morning of the test, he changed his mind. I was ready to give up so I didn’t even convince him.

For a year after that our lives were in limbo. Both families encouraged us to go our separate ways but we still hanged on to each other. One day, Daniel called me that he felt it was only right that we move on with our lives. He relocated to the States although we kept in touch. I cried for three months. Refusing to be consoled and told him I was prepared to have children who were sicklers.

Daniel laughed it off.

“Where did you get this?” I asked raising the test results.

“I came back a month ago and fell sick. My cousin took me to the second hospital we went to for some blood tests to be run. The nurse who took us to the lab was the same person who took me again, she recognized me and told me they had something for me. Apparently they had found the results for the test.

” I couldn’t believe it so I did another test. I wasn’t AS, I am AA.” said Daniel.

The damage had been done. We sat there holding hands. I wiped my tears and smiled. At least we had some good times. I’ll always cherish it.

Daniel smiled. The waiter came to pass again and Daniel called him. We ordered for food and spoke as we waited. There was an unspoken truth. Daniel was going to move on and I was going to find a way to love my husband. As we sat there waiting for our food, all we could do was hope for the best in our future.

Written by East@Edito468

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