My Sister, Please Find Your Way Home(4)

Sunday came bright, sharp and early.  My husband was up early as usual. We were all getting ready for church when the weather changed. Immediately, my mother in law called us to come to the hall. We went into another round of prayers. I was tired from the prayer session from the previous night but who was I to complain? Her own son was engrossed in the prayers. The prayers were about asking God to make the weather favourable for church. As for me, I was silently praying for a miracle to send my in-law away.

“Father, we ask that your angels will be sent to control this weather, Amen?”

We both responded with a loud Amen. I think it got to a point she made mention of one angel bringing his rod to stir the skies. Derrick must have found it funny because he nudged me and winked. We both looked at his mum. She was looking so focused and serious. Binding and casting out any demon that didn’t want us to go to church. Throwing her heavy arms about and making hammering movements all the while saying, “Awurade, Awurade wobetumi aye” or “Oww daddy Jesus. I know you have heard us”

Finally we ended the prayers. Mummy and I went to the windows to look outside. There was no change in the weather. In my mind, this was “Weather for two” If you know what I mean. Mummy was obviously all pumped for church and told Derrick to go iron our stuff while I whipped up a quick breakfast. Derrick gave me a fake sad look and I suppressed laughter.

Wrapping up with the ironing, Derrick came to the kitchen to ask me to follow him to our bedroom. “Mummy says your dress isn’t all that appropriate for church” He said.

“Why though? I mean it isn’t tight, transparent or revealing. Or is it” I was confused. I had chosen some styles for church clothes with Derrick and that dress in particular was his favourite. If it was inappropriate, he would have been the first to draw my attention to it but he had liked it. Even the dressmaker had offered to make it “livelier” but I had declined.

“Hon, let’s try to please them. You know how our parent’s can be when they reach this stage. Don’t worry, I also changed my attire so we can have matching outfits. Is that okay?” I nodded yes and went out again. I breathed in and let it all out slowly.

The church service was exactly what I needed. It was uplifting and gave me some hope and courage for whatever I was to face. We stopped by the market and I got more foodstuff so my in-law could have any soup she wanted. After purchasing the last items I needed, I entered the car,dumped the bags at my feet and relaxed. My mother-in-law turned around and said,

“Ivy, your father-in-law just called me. He has returned from his trip so I will be returning home today”

My husband chipped in, “Why don’t you go after we have lunch Ma?”

If I had anything close to me, I would have slapped the back of my husband’s head. Did he have any idea how God had just answered my prayers? One day alone with his mother had almost sent me going over the edge. I cheered myself with the fact that at least, I would have him all to myself in the evening.

During lunch, before we could share the grace and eat, Derrick excused himself to use the washroom. He asked us to go ahead without him. When his mother opened the bowl containing the soup she made this sad face. I panicked.  She turned to me and said, “This groundnut soup looks good. Is there some mudfish and tuna in there?”

“No please Mummy. I used beef, salmon and some herring”

She looked sad for a while and cheered up. When Derrick returned, she told him about how I made her some good fufu with chicken light soup the previous day. Did I just hear that? Derrick smiled and squeezed my hand. I faked a smile and continued eating whilst my mother-in-law ate and sung my praises. Well, to say the least, I was surprised and didn’t know what to make of her behaviour.

To make matters worse when she was leaving she handed me a folded white sheet of paper and requested I read it in her absence. I was frozen to the spot, even when her son kissed me I couldn’t bring myself to kiss him back. When he returned, he found me with the sheet in my hand. It was a long list of prayer points she believed I should pray each night as a goof wife. Derrick had just bundled me onto his lap, trying to comfort me when there was a loud bang on the gate.

Written by East@Edito468

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