My Sister, Please Find Your Way Home. (Final Part)

For close to two weeks, our home was like a cemetery. We hardly spoke or did anything together. Derick was avoiding me as much as he could. He’d leave for work earlier than usual and return when he knew I’d be fast asleep. I was saddened but decided to retaliate. I would see to my part time job, run the home and choose whether to cook or not. I would also go to bed even when I wasn’t sleepy.

One weekend, my husband returned early from work followed by his mum and sister. I was used to them dropping by unannounced so I didn’t give it much thought. I put on an act. I welcomed them warmly and proceeded to the kitchen to cook. Meena as usual was her lively self. She followed me to the kitchen and I was taken aback. For all the times that she had been here, she had never been to the kitchen to assist me, not even to gist with me while I cooked.

“Madam, na what are you doing here?”

“Oh come on Ivy, I’m coming to keep you company. Derick and mum are going to have one of their boring convos, I don’t want to listen to them.”

I shrugged and continued. So the only reason she had come in here was to avoid their conversation, probably teasing her about her new boyfriend. Hm! Meena tried carrying out a conversation with me but I tried to appear disinterested. When she made a joke or an observation, I tried not to laugh. I was still carrying the hurt and the pain from all those weeks.

When dinner was almost done, Meena offered to set the table and I said it was okay. Dinner was one weird time. Derrick was pretending everything was okay with us, pretending to brush hair out of my face, giving me meat from his plate and praising my food.

I didn’t want to pretend but I remembered how dramatic his mother could be. I didn’t want an anointing and 3 hour prayer session for our marriage so I gave him fake smiles and said my “thank yous”

My mother-in-law also chipped in conversations here and there about how fuel prices had shot up, complaining about how prices of goods and services and food was going to shoot up. Meena also tried throwing in jokings every now and then but the tension!

The tension was so palpable. After dinner, Meena told me to rest. She cleared the table, cleaned up and even offered to help with anything else. I was wondering what was happening but I told her there was nothing more.

After sitting with them for about thirty minutes, I excused myself saying I needed to go to bed. Derrick knew I was lying but he looked at me and smiled, saying “Goodnight honey” I pretended not to hear and went into the bedroom.

Less than an hour later, I heard the TV going off and Derrick talking to his mum and sister. My kokonsa ears got the better of me. I put my phone down, opened our bedroom door as silently as I could and tiptoed to the door to the hall.

I went on all fours and hid behind the door. Placing my ears to the door.

Derrick: Ma, Meena, I wanted you both to come with me for this weekend because there is something I have been meaning to talk to you about.

Mum (Excitedly): Erh herh, w’ahyɛ goal anaa?. Is she pregnant? That would explain her mood this evening. Asɛ na wayɛ dull, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Derrick: No ma, she isn’t pregnant. What I wanted to discuss with you both isn’t even about that. It’s about your visits.

Mum: Our visits?

Derrick: Yes. Both of you, and how you visit us. Ma, see, visiting us isn’t wrong and you should from time to time. But how long have we been married? Less than six months. You keep coming to visit, mostly without informing us, especially you Meena. You come, expecting Ivy to treat you like a princess.

Mum: (Cuts in as she looks at Meena) Herh, ɛyɛ ampa?

(Meena looks at her feet.)

Derrick: Ma, please, allow me to finish.

Mum: mm hm, go ahead.

Derrick: Meena, the last time you were I was silently watching you. I don’t know when you started those behaviours. Eating and leaving the place messy, not washing the dishes. Not helping out your sister-in-law. I know, it’s her home and she should do everything herself but it’s only nice you offer her a helping hand.

Derrick: Ma, you’re my mother. I love you. I respect you. But how you always come over, it’s as if you are here to check for faults or something. We aren’t kids. We can handle things. When we need help, we’ll let you know.

Also, Ivy can’t cook exactly as you do. Even Meena doesn’t. Every woman cooks differently and it’s not every day that her food will taste nice. At least, she cooks. What about those who can’t?. She makes the effort and so please give her room.

Derrick: Finally, I want us all to understand that newlyweds need some alone time after the wedding. We need time to get used to each other. We need to  grow into our new roles as husband and wife and also to become used to each other. I am asking that you tone down on the visits and please inform us about the intention beforehand. Also ma, can you please reduce the drama?

At this point, they all burst into laughter. I thought I had had enough so I crawled on all fours to leave. As I was leaving I heard my in law saying,

“Ei Derrick, it’s like last week the soup Ivy served me with caused me some stomach upset oh”

Derrick brushed her off. I couldn’t wait to hear whatever ensued later on but I went hurriedly inside and pretended to be asleep. I didn’t even bath. Derrick came inside, saw me in my clothes and tapped me to go and bath.

I continued my act as though I had been asleep. I don’t know if he believed me or not but when I came out and as he entered the bathroom, he gave me a quick peck on my forehead and said, “I am sorry”

I hugged him and said, “me too”

The following morning, Derrick woke me up early, saying his mum and sister wanted to see me. So I only brushed my teeth and went to meet them in the hall. They looked uncomfortable but we talked.

We spoke honestly about everything, although I held back on some things so as not to cause any further embarrassment or hostility. After, Meena hugged me and tried jumping on my back.

That one could act like a child sometimes. Her mother spanked her bum and said,

“gyae saa na w’ayini” She held her bum, turned to look at her mum with a scowl on her face and walked out.

Derrick walked in and told his mum he needed to speak with me. As we were going his mother said to our hearing, “Monyɛ no ntɛm ooh”

Derrick and I also had our own discussion. We spoke about everything and apologised to each other. It was the happiest day in my life so far. As he stepped into the shower, I texted Meena.

“Sister, please find your way home, okay” She sent the laughing emoji’s back and replied “I cant even wait to leave” I was finally happy and couldn’t wait to be alone with my husband after such a long time of having others crowd our space.


Written by East@Edito468

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