My Sister, Please Find Your Way Home (1)

We had only been married for two months. We were both enjoying the newness of our marriage. Waking up in each other’s arms, running around the house playing silly games and trying out new dishes together. I was a part time worker and my husband run a business. He would import electrical appliances to sell. Our working arrangements was suitable for us. I got to tend to our home and also work to earn something.

I had an okay relationship with my husband’s family. In the beginning it had been a bit tricky since I was so shy and reserved. They thought I was a stuck up person but as time passed I got used to them and opened up. My husband has only one sister, Meena. Meena is an outgoing, assertive but funny person. Her character is somewhat like my husband’s and so I warmed up to her quickly.

It was through my association with Meena that I was able to open up to the rest of the family. She would say funny things or do something questionable just to get me talking. In all these, I tried to reserve a bit of a distance, you never know how a relationship is going to end. Thankfully, mine “ended” well. My sister-in-law is someone who is always on the move and I liked that about her.

She run a business, helped out at church, supported her parent’s in whatever she could and loved to visit family and friends. Now, when I say visit, I mean unannounced visits. Visits that turned into “perching”. The funny thing was she had her own apartment but you’d hardly find her there. I thought both families would allow us to enjoy our marriage for a while before beginning the “I’m coming over” drama. Well, my family tried their best although my mother called all the time as though I was a soldier on assignment in Iraq.

One Friday, my husband and I were home, cuddled up in bed when his phone rang. I turned over to check the time and got out of bed to pee. I could hear him from the washroom but I wasn’t paying attention to his conversation. I found that to be eavesdropping so I tried as much as possible not to do that. When I came out of the bedroom he was standing in front of our wardrobe, hands on his waist and just staring.

“Honey, what do you think I should wear today?” he asked me.

“It depends on where you’re going and the occasion” I replied. Then I sat on the edge of the bed looking at him. “Sweets, I thought we were staying at home today”

He turned to look at me and smiled. “I’m sorry hon. I know. Something just came up out of the blue and I have to get going” He opened his arms and I walked into them.

“That’s my girl. I’ll be back before you know it” We stayed like that for a while then he broke free. “I need to freshen up now”

“Okay” I replied. I returned to sitting on the edge of the bed, listening as he got ready to leave.

Written by East@Edito468

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