A group of boys were seated outside a house by the street. Amongst them was Jude. They were discussing the highlights of a football match of the previous evening. Seeing it was about to turn into a fight, Larry, one of Jude’s friends spoke up.

“Ah huh, Jude. What happened with you and the girl you escorted the other day?”

As if it was planned, all the guys focused their attention on Jude. He appeared uncomfortable as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

“Dude, let us know what happened. You can’t say nothing happened”

Jude shrugged. “Nothing. She didn’t appear to be in a mood to talk. I asked for her name and she only smiled and refused to say anything” All the guys burst into laughter.

Just as the laughter died down, Larry nudged his friend and whispered, “Talk of the devil”

All eyes went to look across the street. Nana Yaa was standing with another girl. The other girl appeared slightly taller and curvier. She linked her arm with Nana Yaa’s as they crossed the road. When Nana Yaa saw him, there was a twinkle in her eyes. The other girl with her was her sister Nana Ama. She asked under her breath, “Is that him?”

Nana Yaa nodded.

Jude walked up to them as his friends teased him.

“Hello stranger”

“Hi” Nana Yaa responded shyly

With a fake frown on her face Nana Ama asked, “And you are?”

“I’m Jude”

“Oh, I see” Nana Ama said coolly. Looking in the direction of her sister she said, “Nana, I’m taking the lead”

Jude and Nana Yaa were now standing face to face. He asked her, “Is it okay if I walk you home?”

“Yes” She replied.

“Are you okay? You don’t look cheerful” Jude remarked

“Yeahh, my WASSCE results just came in and I failed one subject”

“Ohh, sorry about that.”

“Yeah, so my sister asked us to go for a walk and that’s how come we passed here”

“Oh so that was your sister?”

“Yes, my older sister. She’s in the university and I was hoping to be with her”

“I’m also in the university. Where does she go to?”

“She’s at Legon”

“Oh okay. I’m at KNUST”

They walked slowly, obviously enjoying their time together and the chat they were having. Finally they arrived at Nana Yaa’s gate. As she was about to open the gate Jude said,

“You know you still haven’t told me your name”

Nana Yaa smiled, “My name is Nana Yaa”

Jude placed his hands in jeans pockets, “Nana Yaa I would love to be your friend, is that okay with you?

“Yeah sure, why not?”

“Then can I have your number?” Jude held out his phone at this point.

Nana Yaa heisted before saying “Okay” She took his phone and input her digits. Within a few seconds, her phone was vibrating. She held out her phone. “I guess that’s your number”

“Yes it is” he said as he walked away. He looked back, scratched his head and smiled.

Nana Yaa also smiled and waved back.

From that day onwards, Nana Yaa was attached to her phone. She was always waiting for texts from Jude, her new friend. She would wake up to good morning texts and overnight they would be on phone for hours sometimes talking about nothing in particular. Nana Ama realized the change in her sister and begun teasing her but she didn’t care. She had an interesting new friend who occupied her boring days.

One night while texting in bed, Jude asked her again about her results.

“Hey, which subject did you fail?”



“Wow. You’re that smart huh??”

“Nope. It’s a subject most ladies aren’t good at. Would you mind if I help you prepare for your resit?”

Nana Yaa was so excited. It meant she got to spend more time with Jude.  He was home for the vacation and had mentioned he might have to go back to school early.

She typed quickly “Yes!!!!”

Jude saw Nana Yaa’s text and smiled. He had been thinking about a lot of things in recent days. He really liked her and wanted to ask her out but didn’t know how to go about it. He was hoping getting to spend more time with her would afford him an opportunity to bring it up.

Written by East@Edito468

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