Time really flies when you are in love. The years had passed so quickly. Nana Yaa was looking through her phone at pictures of her and Jude over the years. They had had good times and bad times. In the beginning, they had both done their best to sustain their relationship but the distance got to them. She swiped her phone, saw another picture of them together and smiled dryly. That was the last they had taken.

In their second year together, things changed. They were already facing communication challenges due to where Jude lived. They would have petty fights and quarrels and go days without talking. Jude became withdrawn and Nana Yaa tried getting Jude to open up but it worsened matters. He began withdrawing from the relationship, making Nana Yaa more distraught. Finally, they both gave in to the widening gap between them with the silence taking over. The distance between them won. There was no break up message, there was no closure for each of them but it was obvious they had come to the end of their journey together.

Nana Yaa put her phone down beside her and stared at the ceiling. She had no idea why she kept revisiting her past. She had found the strength to move on and enjoy life. Her sister, Nana Ama still gave her relationship advice every now and then. Sometimes it was just thought provoking, other times the advice wasn’t practical. At least, she still had Fiifi. Her phone went off then. It was the delivery man she had been waiting for.

She went out to receive the order and found a sleek car parked under the big mango tree opposite their home. It appeared the person in the car was looking her way. The sun was in her face so she shielded her face with her hand to get a good look. She could make out a man and a woman talking in the car. “I hope they aren’t lost” she said to herself as she went indoors again. Before she could place the box down, there was a loud bang at the gate.

She dropped the box and hurriedly, holding out her phone and went to open the gate. If it was her sister she’d give her a dirty knock with her phone. She loved banging the gate just to annoy her. “Nana Ama, I’ll—“

Nana Yaa couldn’t believe her eyes. Jude was standing with his back to her, his hands in his pocket. “Jude!” She exclaimed. He turned around, gave her a big smile and hugged her. They disengaged from their embrace and stood there admiring each other.

“You look good Jude, you look different” Nana Yaa said.

“You look prettier than I remember you” Nana Yaa laughed. “You flatter me”

“It’s the truth. The years have been kind to you” Jude looked around him for a while.

“Nice neighbourhood” Jude remarked

“We moved here not too long ago. After you know, what happened with us?”

It was obvious they had a lot of catching up to do. None wanted to talk about what happened but Nana Yaa had brought it up. She looked in the direction of the car.

“I see you brought a lady friend”

Jude turned to look at the car and laughed. “Oh her, that’s my sister. Would you like to meet her?”

Nana Yaa shook her head. “No, not now. How did you find our new place?”

“Remember the woman who baked bread, the one where the guys liked to sit at and chat?”

“Oh yes, I remember, she was friends with my mum”

“Well, I came down after working with my dad after school. I came straight to your house but I was met with new occupants. No one seemed to know where you had moved to. Then I remembered how you would go to that bakery for fresh bread. She told me where to find you.”

“Wow, you hardly forget even the littlest of details, huh?”

Jude tapped his head, “I’m always taking mental notes”

At this Nana Yaa laughed. She remembered the day Jude had told her about how he had been taking mental notes of everything she liked especially when it came to relationships.

“So, are you seeing anyone now?” Jude asked, with enthusiasm in his voice.

Nana Yaa smiled, a sad one of sorts and said. “Maybe you should have come down about three months earlier. “

Jude looked at his feet and smiled, scratching his head as he did so.

“I guess someone beat me to it then” said Jude.

“You can say that” Nana Yaa replied

The atmosphere changed. The air was filled with bittersweet memories and regrets.

Jude stretched out his hand, “Can we go for one last walk?”

“Yes, we can” Nana Yaa replied. Luckily, she had the keys in her back pocket. She locked the gate, placed her phone in her pocket and looked at Jude and smiled. She locked her hand in his and they walked down the street, talking and laughing as the sun set in the distance.


Written by East@Edito468

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