Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Jude and Nana Yaa had not seen each other for a while. They only communicated through text messages and calls. They would share what was happening in their lives and talk about their dreams and goals. Nana Yaa mentioned to Jude of her impending exams. The following day, her father told her she had received a mail. After eating that evening, she excitedly tore the wrappings and there lay the biggest, brightest pink card.

It was from Jude, wishing her all the best during her exams. Her sister, Nana Ama walked into her room then. She picked it up, admiring the colors, the flowery designs and the text used. She sat down beside her sister.

“I think this guy really likes you” Nana Ama reached out and played with her sister’s hair. Nana Yaa sat up on the bed and propped her back with a pillow.

“Maybe. He is a decent guy, that, I must say”

“I know, he isn’t a perfect human being but from what I’ve seen so far, he’d be quite the catch”

Nana Yaa sat up again. “So, what do you think? Do I have a chance with him?”

Her sister only laughed. She began telling her about her new boyfriend in school and how he had been nothing but perfect. Nana Yaa rolled her eyes. “Can we go a day without talking about this Fiifi guy?”

Her sister pinched her. “Ouch, Ama, don’t be mean. I want advice about my situation and not more stories about boyfriend number three” Nana Ama pinched her sister again.

“I’ve made some mistakes in dating but I believe Fiifi and I will stick it through. And yes, I’ve made some mistakes and I have experience. I’m telling you, Jude likes you. You need to talk about it with him if you feel pressed”

When her sister left her room, she called Jude. They spoke at length before Nana Yaa told him she wanted to speak to him about something. Jude informed her they would be vacating soon so they could speak in person when he arrived.

“I hope we find a way to outsmart our mums. Those two are just too much to handle” Jude said

“I agree” Nana Yaa replied.

“Did you receive any mail?”

“Yes, it came in this evening”

“Did you like it?”

“I loved it, thank you”

Both of them were silent for a while before Jude spoke up.

“Hey, I guess you need your rest now. All the best tomorrow and don’t forget to keep me updated”

“I will, Goodnight Jude”


The following days passed with anticipation for both Jude and Nana Yaa. When he arrived from school, he lied to his mother twice so he could go see Nana Yaa. Nana Ama planned for them to have their home to themselves the following weekend, since their parents weren’t going to be around. They were both so excited to spend more time together after months of not seeing each other.

That night, Jude lied to his mother he was going over to Larry, his friend’s house. She looked up from the books she was sorting through and asked “You’re going to Larry’s again?”

“Yes ma, we planned to meet up with the other guys this evening to watch the football match I told you about yesterday” His mother nodded softly and said “Oh yes, the match. Make sure you don’t stay out too long. I would need you to park these boxes by the door before tomorrow morning”

“Okay ma” Before Jude could leave, his mother called him back again. He walked in and leaned on the chair closest to him.

“Jude, I don’t know why I keep thinking about Nana Yaa. I hope you don’t go looking for her. That girl is trouble. I can smell it and I can see it coming”

“Jude chuckled, you know her mum won’t allow me to see her ma”

His mother nodded again and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. He needed to be extra careful with his mum. He said to himself. That woman could be cunning. He decided to pass by Larry’s house before going to Nana Yaa’s house.

It had been two hours now. Nana Yaa had been waiting for Jude but he hadn’t shown up. She had called him several times and left messages but none had been returned or replied. Nana Ama had returned by now and tried to calm her down.

“I know I said Jude is a cool guy, but it could be anything. Think about it. Has he done anything weird or questionable? Maybe for all you know there’s a girlfriend. That’s why he hasn’t asked you out all this while. Think about it”

Nana Yaa became more worried. There was this beautiful girl who he had used as his DP on Whatsapp since they had begun talking. And a few days ago, she had seen her all over his status. What Nana Ama was saying could be true. He probably had a girlfriend. Maybe it was that girl. She sank to the foot of her bed, reliving all their times together. She felt so stupid.

She reached out for her phone to text Jude again and his call came through exactly at the same time. She stared at her phone screen for a while and threw her phone away. Her mother must be right. There was something questionable about him and she was done with him. Her phone kept ringing but she ignored it and sat in the silence.

Written by East@Edito468

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