Nana Yaa smiled to herself as she closed the gate behind her. Jude stood there for a while before walking away. Whenever he took a few steps forward, he’d turn to check if the young lady would be peering at him from the inside of the house, all the while scratching his head. After turning whilst walking without seeing anything, he continued walking without looking back. It was at that point that Nana Yaa also peeped to look at the back of Jude’s head.

She carried the poly bags into the kitchen, where her elder sister, Nana Ama sat on a high stool, busily typing away on her phone. She looked up from her phone at Nana Yaa and put down her phone quickly.

“Nana, what happened to you? Your forehead is swollen. Come and sit down; let me have a look”

Nana Yaa left the bags by the door of the fridge and sat down on the stool. Nana Ama grabbed a towel from a stack on the counter, opened the freezer for some ice cubes and dropped them in the napkin. Placing them on her sister’s forehead, she asked her again, “What happened to you?”

“I fell down on the route by the big park”

“I keep telling you to avoid that route. Those boys are just rascals. Have you forgotten the other time when I was returning from the pharmacy and one guy hit me on my behind with that hard, dirty ball of theirs?”

Nana Yaa chuckled, “Of course. I remember. You claimed your butt hurt for a week”

Nana Ama took a step back, staring at her sister. “I didn’t exaggerate. It was real, it did hurt”

“Whatever” Nana Yaa replied, pressing the napkin to her forehead as water melted from the ice and trickled down the side of her face.

“I think I’ll be fine” She removed the napkin and placed it on the counter,

“No, hold it there for a bit longer”

Nana Yaa stared at her sister. “Where did this one come from? Nana Ama, my sister, isn’t usually this caring”

“Oh please” Nana Ama placed the napkin on her sisters forehead for a short while and dumped it in the sink. Now, let’s start getting dinner ready before your parents come.

Nana Yaa smirked. “And what are they to you?”

“Oh those two, they’re my captors. They captured me from my real parents and brought me here to keep you company”

Nana Yaa shook her head. Her parent’s marriage had been suffering for years but they claimed they were working through their issues amicably. They had turned into flat mates with children. So, Nana Ama liked to pretend they weren’t her parents. She always came up with dramatic, exaggerated stories about how one day her rich and famous parents would come for her.

As they cooked, they talked about random stuff. Nana Yaa wasn’t really paying attention to what her sister was saying. All she could think about was the handsome guy who had treated her kindly. What did he say his name was again? Luke, Marcus, Dan, Rudy? Damn. How could she forget?

She felt a sharp pain and looked at her hand. She had cut herself and the blood was oozing out.

Her sister rushed to her side, asking her to apply pressure to her finger. It was as though her voice was far away.

“Nana, what is wrong with you today? Do you want us to eat a bloody salad? Here, sit down let me grab some spirit, iodine and gauze and see to your cut”

After seeing to her cut, Nana Ama asked her sister sternly, “See, I think something more happened on your way back. See this knife I’m holding?” She shook the knife, passing it closely by her sister’s ear.

“See, this knife erh, if you don’t tell me what happened I will chop off your ears and fry it. Then I’ll garnish your food with it”

“Don’t be so dramatic Nana Ama, it’s a just a guy I met”

Nana Ama dropped the knife and swirled around with both hands raised. “Finally, this chicken here likes a guy”

“I didn’t say I liked him. I said I met a guy”

“It’s written all over your face and actions. You came in smiling; which you hardly do. You weren’t really involved in our conversation. You seemed far away until you cut yourself”

“I see. I had no idea you studied me that much”

Nana Yaa shoved her sister gently. “Of course I do. You’re my baby sister”

Nana Yaa narrated to her sister what happened. Her sister laughed as she went to stir the stew.

“So you mean, you didn’t mention your name to him? And you’ve forgotten his name?”

Nana Yaa smiled, “Yhup, that’s right”

Nana Ama turned around to look at her sister, wiping her hands on a napkin lying nearby.

“Nana, you are an adult now. You’re about to enter the university. You need to open up more although cautiously. I know you have dreams of settling down someday but if you don’t open up and take a chance, how are you ever going to find a man to settle down with?

That night, Nana Yaa pondered over the words of her sister. It kind of made sense. She decided to take up her sister’s advice and see what would come of it.

Written by East@Edito468

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