If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time.


A friend of mine said I should share her story for her, pls keep it anonymous.
It reads:
I am a lady who comes from a rich home; not that extremely rich but we were well to do. Because of that, I was given everything I asked for and I lived a sophisticated life.
I buy expensive shoes, clothes, bags and hair wigs.After completion of Shs, my parents were involved in a ghastly motor accident and I lost them both.

My father’s family occupied our house and daddy’s shop as well. The money they provided for me wasn’t enough for me so I started sleeping with men for money. I had rich friends as well and we move from one party to the other: weddings, funeral, clubs and pubs. I was always in for fun, my friends got married one by one to men of their type but mine was different. Those rich guys weren’t ready for marriage so I also settled down with some guy bi who was not rich and out of my class but because my friends were marrying I accepted him because he had been pestering me for a long time. When we got married I still wanted to live my kind of lifestyle but my husband was a carpenter.

He had good designs and does a perfect job, he earns quite enough but not to my standard. We were living in a single room self contained. I always fought him for money to buy clothes, bags, any recent wigs but he didnt have it so he had to give me the advance payment for a job to be done. By the time he is done then the money is all gone. He wouldn’t get some to buy the materiels for someone else’s job so he started borrowing but that didnt make me stop. There was a time we fought about money and I used my heel to hit his head. Blood was oozing from his head. And there was a day he came home I never gave him food in fact, he mostly starved if he doesnt give me money I requested. And he went to the fridge to take soup in the fridge, when I saw it, I quickly grabbed the soup and poured the contents on him and told him if he doesn’t give me money for the things I requested for, no food for him.

We have sex when I am in the mood and sometimes once every two weeks or months. I started sleeping with my ex guys for money to compensate my lifestyle. I asked him for us to move into a flat which was 400gh a month and he said he didnt have the money and that he is owing some people. I couldnt invite friends to my house, although I was selling shoes and bags but I always spent both the profit and income. So, I buy goods on credit. I asked him to send our children to one of the best schools in Kumasi. They pay 1500gh each for a term plus canteen,350gh a term.He said he didn’t have money and that he is sending them to a school whose school fees is 800 a term including canteen and I was angry.

This brought a fight in which he slapped me once. I sucked my arm since I’m a fair lady, so when I do that the place becomes dark like bruises. I placed a plaster on my face and reported him at the police station. They arrested him for three days and he signed a bond never to touch me again. Hmmm, he came home and apologized to me. I sent my kids to the school I wanted out of the money I gained from sleeping around. My friends kids attend that school. Hmmm, I really abused my husband. From insults to starving both food and sex and slapping him at the slighest provocation.

One day, we had a fight and he wanted to beat me so I pushed him and his head hit the wall. He collapsed at that moment and was rushed to the hospital with some help from people. My husband got a head injury and never returned to his normal state. A tall, dark and handsome young man has turned into an abnormal man. He can sit at a place for a long time, without blinking. He doesnt do anything, walks with a help.
I saw him and started crying, “God, what have I done?” I looked at him and asked for forgiveness he shaked his head and tears were dropping from his eyes. I cried uncontrollably.

Our children joined in and it was like a funeral. I stopped my kind of lifestyle and shunned my friends. I moved my children out from the school to the one my husband wanted. I took my business serious and I stopped sleeping around. I returned to being a good wife but hmmmm, it was too late. I came home one afternoon to drop my things to pick up the children and I returned to meet my husband dead with my phone in his hands with an open text “I have missed your pussy can we meet to have fun?” from one of my ex, and an empty sachet of diazepam tablet.

There was 9 on it but all was gone with foaming in his mouth. I concluded he has committed suicide. I quickly cleared the place while crying. I called for help and the body was carried to the morgue. It’s been two yrs since the death of my husband. I havent been able to forgive myself. Here I am with my two children alone without a father. If only I could turn back the hands of time. I came to realise I loved him. I have missed him but he is no more to feel the love I’m feeling for him now. I regret my actions. His only mistake was to love me.

If only God will forgive me and bring him back to me… I want to tell you all that men also do get abused from women. Till date, no one knew about his cause of accident and death. Sorry for the long post. Pls keep me anonymous. Thanks. Plx post it for me.

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