For almost a month, I didn’t hear from my boyfriend frequently. Our conversations were always about how our day had been. Then he would tell me he had to go. I allowed him to be. I studied his movements and caught him at home one morning. It seemed it would rain so I knew it would work to my advantage. His parents were also home, when they saw me, they were wondering what could have pushed me to come over in such a weather. Thinking I was after my boyfriend, his father said, “Emma is not in his room. He just went out to buy Hausa koko” they offered me a seat and kept me company until he came back.

We could hear him whistling happily as he entered. The kitchen was in the other part of the house but his father called out to him that I was around. When he saw me, he had a smile plastered on his face. I spoke up before he could even say anything,

“Actually, I think I will have a word with you first mummy” Emma’s father got up that he was going to have breakfast. Emma was still frozen to the spot. I kept silent until his mother turned, saw him there and asked him to leave. “Go, this conversation is for women only” He walked out slowly but I could see him crouching behind the trap door. I ignored his “I beg” actions and spoke about unnecessary stuff with his mother until she looked at me and said,

“My daughter, I can see this isn’t what you wanted to talk to me. What is bothering you” I allowed the silence to go on for a while, put on a shy smile and said:                                      

“Maa, as for this issue, I wanted to even bring my mum along but she said no”

Emma quickly enetered again and said, “Maa, I know what this is about. Can I speak with Anima for one second?” I replied innocently

“No Emma. Mummy must know, we need her expert opinion”

His mother looked alarmed, “Anima, just tell me”

Emma interrupted again, “Anima, let’s plan this well oh” I smiled at both of term and said “Mummy, please excuse us.” Emma’s mother folded her arms and said, “Okay, you people should go and figure it out and come. I’ll be waiting”

We walked to their gate, where no one coild hear us. Emma started begging and asking me not to tell his mother, that he would inform her himself. It turned into a heated exchange of words.

“I said go and tell her right now.”

“You go home first, I will talk to her this evening”

“No, right now”

“This evening”


“This evening” He was holding both of my arms, I shrugged his arms off and walked angrily inside. He couldn’t follow me but went to crouch at the trap door again. I was laughing inside and saying, “Grown ass man, everyday you’ll be doing “mouth mouth”, look at your end today”

I sat down gently by his mother who was looking at me warily. I said to her,

“Ma, it’s just that Emma doesn’t know how to approach you but the thing is that he doesn’t know what to get you for your birthday. When I asked the exact day too, he refused to tell me”

Emma’s mother started laughing, “Ah, so is that why you wanted to involve your mother? Oh my dear, you are very thoughtful. My birthday is May 3rd, just next month” She laughed some more, called her husband to explain to him and he smiled.

“Anima, I hope my son does the right thing soon. He has a very thoughtful one. I don’t know what he is waiting for”

I could only smile shyly as he walked away. I chatted with Emma’s mom for a while and told her I had to leave. Emma walked me out and I nearly laughed when I saw him. The guy was sweating profusely. I told him that the next time, he wouldn’t have it easy with me. He kissed my forehead and said he’d call me in the evening.

If I had known pregnancy could scare my boyfriend this much, I would have done it earlier. He started calling me to give me progress report of how he was saving, the plans he was making to find a suitable accommodation for us and how he was working up courage to inform his parents so they could come home. He had wanted to inform his elder brother so they go to their parents together. I was feeling for him and didn’t want to get caught as well so I said no. He had to do it by himself.

Since I thought he had learnt his lesson, when he called the following evening, I started singing and praising God. He thought I was going mad. Then I said, “There’s being a bloody show oooh.” He asked me what happened and I gave him some two by four story of how I woke up feeling I had wet my bed only to realise it was blood and how I had gone to the hospital to confirm and they had confirmed and given me some drugs.

Come and listen to Emma on phone. He started thanking God, he told God he wouldn’t do it again until we got married. I shouted a loud Amen, Since then, my boyfriend is more chaste than a monk. Ei. Our relationship has also improved. We are learning and improving each day. To be sure this change wasn’t a nine day wonder, I tempted him one day. The way he pushed me off, had not been for the bed I would have had a nasty fall.

He cautioned me not to try that again and I asked for forgiveness. As for this secret, I am keeping it saa, till death do we part, or maybe when we are about to die, I ‘ll tell him.

Written by East@Edito468

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