Forgiveness In A Relationship.

In a relationship, there is going to be a lot of times that your partner is going to offend you and you are also going to do same. It is key to learn how to be a forgiving person because it helps to move the relationship along and both partners are bound to enjoy the relationship.

When people practice forgiveness, it should not only be done because the other party needs it. It should be done because it frees you the person who has been wronged from the power of the offence. There is a saying that it is the one who is close to you, who would hurt you the most. This is because you have formed a deeper bond and a connection with the said person, therefore their actions have a deeper effect on you.

That is why you hear people saying stuff like, “As for me, if a stranger or someone who isn’t close to me hurts me or offends me, I don’t care but if a family member or a close friend does the same to me, it really gets to me” This shows that indeed, the connections we form with others aren’t just connections, they go beyond the surface.

Relationships involve a whole lot. It surely won’t be rosy every day and that is why people need to learn the skill of forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness is a skill we all need to learn and equip ourselves with if we want to enjoy long lasting and healthy relationships. Most people don’t know how to forgive, especially in a romantic relationship setting. They would pretend all is well and strike back at you.

Others are downright vengeful. They would be doing tit for tat with you. Some people too would bring up your offenses at the least provocation. Reminding you all the time of how you did this or that to hurt them. That isn’t how a relationship should work. If you feel your partner is doing something that you don’t like and you tell them about it but they don’t work on themselves, then maybe you should rethink the relationship. If you think you have had it to your neck with their attitudes and can’t continue, you should find an amicable way to being things to an end.

However, if you want to build your relationship the right way and enjoy the relationship and your partner, you should sit down together with your partner and come up with a healthy way to discuss faults and offending words and actions. Should you offend your partner, find a good time to go to them and apologize. Don’t stop after the apology, begin to work on yourself concerning that specific fault. If your partner wrongs you, it’s okay to allow time to work out your emotions. Don’t rush it. But sit down with them and let them know how their actions and words get to you and how it makes you feel. Make a move to totally forgive them and move ahead with the relationship.

After you forgive, ensure you never bring it up or hold it over their heads. Forgiveness shows that we are willing to change the wrong order of things and move on. Accepting forgiveness means that we are willing to work on ourselves for our good and the good of the person we are with. Forgiveness is beneficial in a relationship and has been linked to an increase in positive emotional health and maturity.

If you want to enjoy your relationship and see it grow and last through the years, you must practice forgiveness. If your partner is also committed to learning and incorporating forgiveness into their lives, it makes life easier and better. Try forgiveness and begin to reap its benefits.

Written by East@Edito468

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