Five Minutes Heartbreak (2)

Finally Kojo stopped laughing and appeared empathetic. He knew about my relationship and had met her on two different occasions. After meeting her, Kojo even mentioned that he felt she was a keeper. He asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted closure. He came with his car so he offered to drive me over to my girlfriend’s.

When we arrived, oddly the doors weren’t locked. I was fuming and shouting her name. We found her in the kitchen and it was just sad. My girlfriend was sitting in her favorite pyjamas, a bowl of half eaten ice cream before her, her face all teary and smeared with makeup.

Kojo nudged me to look around. There were a lot of unwashed pots and pans in her sink. The stove was dirty, with oil and ashes strewn all over it. There was a Chinese wok on the stove with something burnt inside. My friend asked me to calm down and speak to her. So I asked her,

“Vera, why did you do this to me?” She began to cry all over again. It was annoying me but I reigned myself in and asked again, “Why?”

She replied amidst sobs and tears, “I had an order for the usual with a side of flambéed dishes. I hadn’t even heard of flambé before then (sob sob). I believed this was my huge break and I wanted to impress them because they were willing to pay handsomely for it. (sob sob).   I tried making it but it didn’t go well the first time. (sob sob). That’s what made me moody last week. I thought I could do it so I watched some YouTube videos and tried since yesterday in the morning but nothing works (sob sob with hysteria).  And the order is for tomorrow”

At this point, I didn’t know what to make of the whole situation. I turned to look at Kojo who looked dumbfounded just like I was. He told me he’d be outside and left us. Vera hugged me and begun crying again.

“Is that why you called me last night?” she nodded

“Was that why you said those things on your status?” she nodded and cried harder

I sighed deeply. Women and their drama. My shirt was wet with tears at this point. I calmed her down after she had cried for a while and asked her to go clean up. As I was cleaning the kitchen, Kojo came in, laughing like a jackal. “Dude, your woman is one dramatic one but I must say, you’ve got a good one. I’ll leave you guys now”

I could only shake my head as he left. My girlfriend wasn’t able to deliver the flambé whatever but at least she delivered the rest of the order. The couple who had ordered were a bit disappointed but she assured them that they would get their flambé another time.

My friends laughed at me whenever they see me because I didn’t really suffer a breakup but look at how I reacted, what if it had actually being one? Well, now when I hear or see a video of someone going through a break up and doing something weird, I don’t ridicule them because I can relate to their pain in a way.

Written by East@Edito468

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Five Minutes Heartbreak

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