A Letter to Single Ladies

Dear Single Ladies,

I have a simple question to ask.

I hope you’ll be able to answer me.

Who at all are you?

Are you cheerful?

A gogetter?

Someone who always wants to have her way?

Someone quiet and will only react when she wants to?

Someone who has a goal to achieve?

Or someone who is enjoying her success?

Are you a student?
Are you working?

Are you someone’s mother?
Or you are no mother figure?

What at all are you?

When you look into the mirror, who do you see?
A woman that is alone and lonely?
Or a woman who is content in her solitude and will only date when she’s ready?

When you thinking of dating what do you think about?
Where you and your date will go?
Or who your date will be?

When you think of the future what do you think of?
About how you might be alone for a long time?
Or who your husband will be?

What all do you want?

Do you pray for a partner?
Do you fear being hurt again?
Or you find ways and means of meeting someone?

Do you think of having to change for your partner?
Or you are content with who you are?

Do you have some hurts and mistakes in your past?
Do you want to keep them secret or let them out?

Do you believe there’s a lot that you need in your life?
Or you are okay with what you’ve been able to do for now?

What do you really want to do?

Whatever you do, you can meet someone good
You can fall in love
Because you’re a wonderful person
And God loves you just the way you are
And He’ll give you someone who will appreciate His most beautiful creation;

Your Sister
Abena Magis




Written by Abena Magis

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