You Don’t Cut a Birthday Cake In a Rush


This is my greatest regret on earth and I must confess to Manofans as a lesson they should learn from. I dated a guy for almost 4 years. He was a graduate but unemployed. I was then doing my national service and we started this relationship with much love and trust though i had a problem of trusting guys again due to my previous relationships. This guy was very good the extent that I never expected in my life.

He wasn’t from a rich family but he was very serious in life despite all his unemployment situation and his background. I became employed when he was still doing labour work (by day thing). I supported him in several ways and vice versa though his was just a token but from his heart. He always made me feel happy though I was bit stubborn girl with some small small cheating and lies. He was very smart and an intelligent guy who caught me through his smartness but I would always find a way to beg him for the sake of the love we have for each other. He will forgive me and we’ll move on.

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At times I would try to quit but he kept on telling me the future was bright for both of us and that time would tell. Auntie Abena, can you imagine that any time his labour pay check came he always made me feel good by buying me dresses and footwears.

After 2 years, I broke up with him but after 6 months, I begged him for a reunion and our reconciliation made our love as strong like gorilla glue. After our reconciliation, I got pregnant for him and looking at his finances and joblessness I told him I couldn’t keep the baby. He told me he can’t do such an abominable thing and he told me he has washed his hands out of that bloody thing.

Well Auntie Abena, I aborted the baby and this guy refused to talk to me, I was a bit worried and remorseful for what I did. Out of guilt I told him it’s over but still I wasn’t feeling comfortable with my actions.

To my surprise, 3 months after our break up he got employed at one of the biggest institutions in the State. When I heard it I was very happy for him and ashamed at myself because I lost a greatest opportune man of such a type in this 21st century. He was upset with me so it was so difficult to call him back again though he blocked all my lines and on SM too. One day I used a new line to call him and asked for forgiveness though I knew he wouldn’t accept me back. He told me he had nothing against me so I was free to go.

Later, I got pregnant for another guy and forced him to marry me to avoid the mockery and shame from colleagues and my family. Now I have a baby  with my new husband but the funny thing is this my ex calls me to check up on me and wish me and my baby well. Auntie Abena, to cut a long story short, now my story has become like the “Acrimony movie” just that we are not acting, it’s our real life.

Just recently, a friend of mine called me that she saw him on Joy news with some delegates. Auntie, me bleedy ooo na omo feeeeliiii.  I remember he told me abotre na yɛde twa birthday cake (you don’t cut a birthday cake in a rush) and I will never forget it. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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