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Women Want to Try Me Because of My Wife


Greetings to the most benevolent Abena. I trust you are doing well at your end there? I have this issue I want you to post for me, in order for me to get views from your large audience.

The thing is my woman likes making loud noise during sexual encounter. In this regard, I always don’t off my television throughout the night whenever she comes around. I share a wall with my landlord and my landlord’s wife always complained that she’s not able to sleep well due to the loud TV sounds from my room.

However, they feared to complain to me directly because of me being an Agric officer. It was just last week my landlord gathered courage to inform me so I decided to always off my sound system completely when she’s around which didn’t work because now they hear my wife. Just yesterday I found out my landlord had exchanged rooms with one of the tenants.


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My landlord’s wife too has been giving me unusual looks and I knew it is because of the noise of my woman.The funny part is whenever we are in the act and she is making those noises, I’ll try to cover her mouth but she’ll tell me that her actions are involuntary and my dick is sweet hence I should allow her enjoy herself.

Because of this, most ladies in the area now want to try me. They will be like,” officer, when should I come and wash for you? Officer, you like keeping only one woman. Officer when should I come and cook for you? Officer, can I come and spend the night with you? Officer, when will you allow me to come clean and mop for you?”

I know all these came up due to my woman’s unusual noises. I have done my best to let her stop the noise during our sexual encounter but to no avail. Is there anyway to curb this noise situation?

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Written by Abena Magis

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