Women Have It so Easy


I trust you are doing fine. There is something bothering me, and I must say it’s very hectic for me. Is our society these days favouring the ladies or is it because money controls a woman’s loyalty? There is this post I read this morning about a girl whose godfather is her sponsor, I don’t know how come it escaped me because I have been reading your posts on Facebook and including the ones I tag you on.

Auntie Abena, after reading story, I became soo much angry. I mean why would a man just give a young lady GHS4000 just like that?

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I completed my NSS in 2019 but I am still on a job hunt. I haven’t gotten any good response from all the places I have sent my CV, all my connectors told me to send my CV but still I haven’t heard from them. I try to call them for feedback but all they tell me is there is no opening yet so I should wait.

Auntie Abena, I am a hard working guy, I must work to get something for myself but all these people are letting me down. It’s like nobody cares when you are a male, you have to fight for your survival. Being a male is hard, not getting a push or a support yet a man of 56 years just gave out GHS4000 to a girl just to sleep with her. I am heart broken. It’s like this society is not favouring us. Please I need your honest opinion on this.

Written by Abena Magis

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