Wife Beats Husband in a Game [+ screenshots]

It’s a very simple story of the love shared by a couple but in today’s world of negativities, it’s beautiful reading how much a couple loves themselves.

Twitter user @postsubman tweeted some screenshots of @ansarabdul070 who shared how his wife beat him at a game at home.

@ansarabdul070 and his wife decided to play a game of hide and seek but the price was something he didn’t like doing. Confident to win, he agreed.

When they started, he counted whiles she hid. After searching all over the house for her, he couldn’t find her so had to go into his parents room.

What he didn’t know was that his wife had gone to hide in between his parents and his mother was in on it.

Though he lost, his wife “saved” him and helped him cook. It is such a sweet story of how sweet marriage can be only if you meet the right person.

Note this, his wife being able to hide in between his parents showed how comfortable she was with them and they with her. When the conversation has been on why some wives don’t allow their husband’s relatives to visit, it’s beautiful reading the sweet synergy here. An acceptance of inlaws into the family.

It’s such a heartwarming story that I pray others out there will get to experience.

Who knows? Your marriage could be better than this.

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Written by Abena Magis

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