Why Some Women Go Into Contract Marriages


Good morning and sorry to disturb you this early morning. See it’s like some of we ladies will now go for contract marriages or find someone to impregnate us and take care of our own child because we can’t kill ourselves because of guys.

I’ve been dating a guy for 8 months now. This guy refuses to call just to check up on me. Yhe only times he’s told me he loves me are when he was proposing to me and during sex. Auntie Abena he doesn’t give me money oo. I feed myself and buy my needs and wants. I know he’s not balanced at the moment so in spite of his refusal to call me, I always buy foodstuffs anf most of the things he needs at home especially for him. Also I go to his place to clean and cook for him for the week.

Some of us ladies what we need is just love and attention, not money but we are not getting it. When I complain he gets angry that I like arguing too. Sunday was Valentine’s Day but my guy couldn’t get me anything, not even GHS5 chocolate. Fine I didn’t complain but I rather bought him a gift plus wine which I took to his place for us to celebrate together.

I was expecting a Valentine’s Day message from him but could you believe he forwarded the same message I sent him to me? Auntie Abena, when I complain he tells me, “baby you know I am not romantic and don’t have time for things like this.” I love him so much but I am getting tired, my strength id failing me. He doesn’t even talk about our future together, when I raise a topic like that he shows no interest.

I don’t know if he’s cheating or he’s just not romantic. I want to quit the relationship and move on but please I need some advice from your fans. God bless you for your good works.

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Written by Abena Magis

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