Why Isn’t My Love Life Going Well?


Growing up as a child.. I had lots of fantasies from movies. As a result, I started dating at12. I was just doing all these things for fun without any real emotions attached. I did these things at the University and even broke someone’s heart as a result (story of my life). Right during the University level, I decided to be serious with any relationship I fall into.

I met this guy who promised me heaven on earth. My friends even tried convincing me to forget about him because he was a player and all that. I thought they were envious mpo. I even heard stories that he was dating a certain girl when we were still together. I asked but as usual, he denied everything and cried mpo (Eii, fear these creatures.) I was blinded by all the lies and thought it was love (had I known).

We dated for almost 2years and boom. the big blow. This guy broke up with me with a flimsy excuse that God said we were not meant to be blah blah blah. Made me cry on God nyinaa..lies..lies. The truth was that he was actually with that girl but wanted a way to end out.relationship. All the blame was on God because He cannot talk. God has suffered oo. I decided to be on my own. Mind my business and to also build on my self.

Then I met this guy. He’s everything you would want a man to be. I thought I had met my Savior. But I had actually met the devil himself. Initially, I told him about my past love life and that I wasnt really interested in any relationship at the moment. He said everything and tried convincing me just to be his girlfriend. It actually worked though.

Along the way, he got a job and everything just changed. No texts.. No calls.. Nothing. And you know these things really matter.
I confronted him and he said its because of the work. That he’s often tired and wants to be alone when he closes (4pm). I decided to give him space so that he’ll know how to combine his work and his love life of which he agreed.

This thing was getting worse. He suggested we break up because he didn’t want to keep hurting me. I tried suggesting ways to help the situation of which he agreed. Amazingly, my little sister had a dream (3 days ago) that we were married and I had come home crying that he’s not who I thought he is. It’s been 2 weeks now and he’s brought up this break up issue again. I agreed because he’s not ready to make this work. I hope I did the right thing??

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