Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Want Me to Cook for Him?


I have a problem I do not understand and i need your viewers thoughts on it. I have a boyfriend of 3 years now. It was during our 6th month together that we introduced each other to our families. There were no problems and our families have approved of us. Auntie Abena, this man is very supportive, very smart and everything that I will ever need in a man. He loves me and I love him too.

The problem is, hmm, his mom travels outside from time to time leaving him alone with his father and young sister. Auntie Abena my problem is my man does not want me to cook for him and his family. He always says there is food at home. Meanwhile they always buy food from outside or he makes his younger sister cook for the family when the mom isn’t around.

It’s not like he hasn’t eaten my food before, he claims he loves my food. I feel like it is nice to at least cook for his family once in a while since his mother isn’t around but when I bring up the issue, he gets angry and I dont even know why. I’m worried his family might think I come around the house often and watch them buy food. Hmm I don’t even know what to do. What could be wrong?

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Written by Abena Magis

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