Why Did He Block Me From Entering?


Since the time I got home this evening, I’ve been confused about something. My husband blocked me from entering our bedroom.

I had just got back from picking our kids from their teacher and wanted to quickly cook, eat and rest because I have a lot to do at the office tomorrow.

I got home and he was in the hall watching TV. The kids went to him and I went to the kitchen to cook yam ampesie with abom so I spent roughly 45 minutes but the kids said they won’t eat. Their teacher told me they ate spaghetti earlier though. Well, my husband and I ate and I made the kids go to bath.

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All this time, I hadn’t gone to the bedroom because I wanted to go there as the last thing then I wouldn’t have to come out until morning. Well, I walked to the bedroom and this man ran to block the door. “Ah Kwaku, what is it? Let me pass.”

He said no and told me to go to the hall because he wants to talk to me. I didn’t understand him oo. Go to the hall for what? We’re in a 2 bedroom and have a large hall but if I want to sleep why should I go to the hall? I pushed him and he still wasn’t budging which made me suspicious. Did he have another woman in there?

What was he hiding? I got angry and warned him to open the door immediately. I was pushing him when the door opened and it was his parents. Ah. They said they’ll come over the weekend but called it off on Thursday. I didn’t know they were coming but if they’d come, the kids would have moved in to the hall as usual for them to sleep in the their room.

So I don’t understand why he blocked me from entering because seeing them in the room wouldn’t have been a problem. All he had to do was to explain. I asked my in-laws why their son was blocking the door on me but they left. I thought maybe they going out but not knowing they’ve left, traveling to Kumasi back. My husband is refusing to answer me.

I’m confused about the whole thing and none is ready to tell me anything. Did I do anything wrong? I didn’t sack them so why did they go back?

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Written by Abena Magis

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