Who Should I Listen To? My Guy or My Sisters?


Hi aunty Abena, please you and your mano fans should help a sister. I have been dating this guy for a few years and now I have a one and a half year old daughter with him. He doesn’t go to church and he smokes weed but he only smokes when he is in a bad mood.

I have spoken to him severally but he keeps telling me he does that to forget things. Aunty I’m much disturbed and secondly, I was learning a trade (sewing) before the pregnancy came and now we have decided to send the child to my mum so I can start working but I’ve searched for work and I didn’t get one so my sisters have decided to help me continue my sewing but here lies the problem:

The guy doesn’t want to buy that idea, his problem is he can’t take care of me and the child together if I’m to start the sewing because he doesn’t want me to send the child to my mom again. I am just confused.

I called his mom and told her everything and she is saying I should wait because it would be like I’m giving the son pressure and my sisters are taking the guy’s responsibility and that when the time for him to marry me comes, my sisters can use that against him and will not let me marry him. But that isn’t my sisters intention.

I’m the youngest among them and I think they want the best for me since our dad is no more. Please help me, I will be reading the comments. Thanks.

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