When Two Married People Cheat


I have an employee who is 29 years old and married. She’s been married for 8 years that’s because she married at an early age. She looked very worried recently so I called to speak to her and she sought for counsel in her marriage.

She feels her situation is complex and that she can’t confide in even her family. Her marriage is 8 years old and four years into the marriage she met a friend on social media who happens to be a lawyer. She met him single and they became very close to the extent that both felt emotionally attached. Though she never had any sexual relationship with him, her friendship caused her marriage problems because she was vilified a lot of times and accused of having had intimacy with the man.

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Well, the man moved on to marry and they lost ties. She says she’s now realized her husband is also involved in an affair with someone which she’s aware of and feels it’s some kind of revenge from her husband. They’ve been struggling to have a child and with how things look both seem not too concentrated on it.

To worsen the situation, she chanced on this friend again who says he never moved on though he married. That he has always loved her and can’t even concentrate on his marriage..
Her problem is she is also so emotionally attached to this man, knowing he also couldn’t have a child in his marriage. Maybe they could come together and live. The guy suggested she agrees so they travel to Europe and live their lives there.

I have told her to speak to her family about how things are not patching up so they know what to do to help her. She’s refused, telling me they will judge her. Any advice for her?

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Written by Abena Magis

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