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I need advice on a particular issue that seems to be driving a wedge between my partner and I. My partner and I have been dating for a little over 4 months now (By the way, I have known her since 2017). The relationship is 100% a distance relationship. We have had a few virtual dates; and I did propose to her virtually. I am the one who is currently outside and she resides in Ghana.

My intention is to marry her because I really love her and I believe she is perfect for me. That said, I told her I will be visiting Ghana this year and I will like for us to do the traditional marriage and court wedding. According to my plan, I will like us to have the white wedding in the near future for a couple of reasons. (1). It will cost money to bring her here with me (2) I want to buy a house here for us. (3) Help her with her cost of living while she is still in Ghana and sponsor her to come visit me a few times before she finally moves in with me. I would be the one taking care of the cost of the wedding, and everything which is entirely okay with me.

I have been transparent with her about my finances and she knows I have enough to afford both the white and traditional wedding now. But like I said, my plan is to have her settle with me without having to break the bank. She keeps insisting that we have the white wedding and she thinks I am not listening to her. I want your fans to help me settle this. What do they think ?

Also, can someone give me a breakdown of the wedding cost ? I will like to know the average cost of the following:

  1. Bride Price
  2. White Wedding (venue+cake+gown+food)
  3. Traditional marriage

As for the fans ?who will say it would end in tears ? , I appreciate you for letting me know but please can you answer the question too? ?. Thanks !!Let me know when you post it .

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