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What Rules Govern Sleeping Times in a Relationship?


I am an early bed guy; I sleep early and have no issues with sleeping. My lady is rather a night owl, struggles to sleep and often sleeps late.

This weekend I travelled from Accra to visit her at her station somewhere in the Eastern Region..She went for morning duty on Saturday as a midwife whiles I waited for her. When she came, we went to Linda Dor, Bunso, to spend time together. We came home about 8pm. I was tired so I bathed immediately. She did same and joined me in bed but she wouldn’t want me to sleep.


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She kept harassing me, pulling me here and there to the extent of pouring water in my ears. Why? She says a man must watch her lady to sleep first before he sleeps. This particular argument has gone on for a while in our 6 months relationship.

I want to know from your fans whether it’s a rule that men should sleep last in the home. Those in similar situations may share how they’ve managed it without any issues.

Written by Abena Magis

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