What Is Happening To Me?


Aunty Abena good morning, God bless you for the good work you are doing.

Please I need help from your audience and the gynaecologists among us.

I havent seen my menses since January till now. I went to the hospital several times and a lot of tests were done but nothing was wrong. So I was given some medication to help bring it out on 2 occasions but still I havent seen it.

I went to the hospital again after I didn’t see any result and an ultrasound scan of the uterus and pregnancy test was carried out but nothing was seen. 4 weeks ago, the doctor gave me folic acid and a blood tonic to take saying maybe my blood level is low. After a week, my tummy became very big like someone who is 6 months pregnant.

I went back last week to see the doctor again and he was surprised and requested for a scan again and a test using a cassette and serum but all came out negative. I am confused at what is happening to me. I am experiencing headache, stomach pains, nipple pains and high blood pressure. Though I have been put on BP medication.

Please.?? if anyone has experienced this or has an idea …..the person should help me out. I feel shy going to work because my colleagues keep teasing me that I am pregnant. Now I have to wear loose dress.

The worse is my husband keeps telling me to do something about it if I know I’m pregnant because we are not ready for another baby. I feel depressed at this point ??. Thank you.

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