We’re in a Dilemma on Whether I Should Travel or Not


Happy New Year to you and all Mano fans. Please I need advice from your noble platform. I am dating this guy and we are all 35 years old and working. We intend to marry and start making a family by June 2021.

The issue is, I have won a 4 year scholarship opportunity to study my PHD abroad by September 2021. It covers my tuition, accommodation, feeding expenses and my travel expenses to and from the studies abroad. I am responsible for any other expenses during my four year stay there. The problem is how to come into compromise with this issue.

I want to make my career dream come true through this scholarship opportunity but he wants us to settle and start a family (get children) due to our age factor. If we come to compromise and I leave for studies, I may return by 2025 at age 40 by then. He can’t wait to start making babies by that age because he is eager to settle down and make family.

We love each other so much too and I am confused about the whole issue. I am afraid he might cheat on me when I leave for the studies. Since he is also eager to have children, he can secretly have children out of the marriage without my knowledge whiles I am away. Should we break up now to avoid such complications in the marriage? I am totally confused. I feel he can’t have this kind of patience to wait for me whiles I study abroad. When I confront him with this matter, he always says I shouldn’t worry and that we should keep praying so things will work out better for us all when the time comes. I need advice on what to do please. Thank you very much.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please forget about this education and marry . You can do your PHD in Ghana except that you don’t love him. Even from your statement I think you love the scholarship than him.

  2. Ghanaians and school see all I can say is live the good life u have and deserve now and get married.School can always be there.U will leave because of school and might even regret later and as u said u r not growing any younger

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