We’re Disappointed in Him


Good morning and I hope you’re doing good and enjoying your Xmas holidays? Aunt Abena please post this for me. I’m a silent reader on your page and a top fan as well. I don’t need help but I am writing this so the person can see this because he’s on your page. I just don’t know why some people are like this guy I’m writing to you about.

Some years back, my brother introduced a school mate to us, let’s call him Qweks. He informed my parents that he wanted Qweks to come and stay with us so he could go to work. He was in one of the regions and got posted to Accra for his NS.

Before then kraa, he used to come and spend days with us when he’s on holidays or on vacation before he goes back home. So he wasn’t new to us and my family knew him.

NB: We were a family of five living in a chamber and hall when he came in to stay with us so we summed up to be six with him. Nobody in our house or outside the house knew he was my brother’s classmate because we lived with him like he was one of us.

Fast forward, my brother realized Qweks had started hiding texts from him and suspected something fishy around him. His friend started giving him attitude when he realized that and due to something I would talk about later, I also started giving him attitude as well. He felt uncomfortable and rented a place of his own and left our place.

Qweks kept inviting my brother to visit him so finally bro went to visit him once in the company of his girlfriend. During the visit, he got hold of Qweks phone and rea messages from Qweks to my brother’s ex gf, speaking bad things of him to girl.

Bro read more of the messages and Qweks had told one of their classmates what our parents do for a living in an ill manner. He also gossiped that my brother was staying at home because he’s been searching for a job since after his NS and was not getting one.

He didn’t end it there ooo he went ahead to gossip about me to the classmate I don’t even know of. He told her that I’ve been going out with different men with different cars which is never true. My boyfriend always comes to visit me in different cars because he’s a car dealer. It’s the same guy driving different guys.

My brother knew how much I like the friend so he didn’t want to tell me. It was his girlfriend who told me. My brother has never spilt a word on this to Qweks but I want him to know this myself. My mum even asked us to call him over to come and spend the Xmas holidays with us. Mum also doesn’t know anything about this. I know he’ll be reading this and just want him to know we are disappointed in him.

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Written by Abena Magis

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