We’re Christians from Different Churches, How Do We Make It Work?


My boyfriend and I are Christians with different doctrines. One of us belongs to the Church of Christ and the other, one of the Pentecostal churches. We have had concerns coming from my church about how these doctrinal differences can break our marriage.

In my mind, I feel salvation is the ultimate and doctrines do not matter in these instances. Besides being a good person, my boyfriend is very liberal so we have agreed to remain members of our churches with occasional visits to each others church.

I want to hear from Manofans and people who have had to deal with this same issues on how to cope or how best this issue can be addressed. As for the marriage deɛ, I’d definitely go for it because he’s a good man and I’m not ready to lose him to doctrinal stuff.

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Written by Abena Magis

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