We’re Both Single Parents but She Disrespects Me


I am in a complicated relationship right now and I don’t know what to do. I am a fan of you but not that active. There is this Muslim lady I am dating seriously. I have a child with another lady who has run away with him and it’s giving me a headache.

I met this new lady last two months and I proposed to her. She has kids whom she had with different guys. She usually complains about me always talking about my ex but she always talks about hers most of the time. She even calls them in my presence but I don’t say anything because the kids are theirs and they have the right to the kids.

But when I want to call my ex to ask of my son, she becomes angry and deletes her pictures and number and sometimes seizes my phone. She threatened sometime ago that if she sees it again, she will hit my phone on the floor and spoil the phone because she can’t help me build a future for someone to come and interfere.

She says she loves me dearly but I feel cheated because she has the freedom to even take her daughter to see the father. What do I do now? Please I need serious advise.

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Written by Abena Magis

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