We’re Barely 3 Months But…


Merry Christmas to you and all the members of your page. I have a problem and I need help because I don’t know what to do. I have a boyfriend who is a medical doctor. His work is very demanding but he tries to make time for us which I really appreciate.

We don’t live very far from each other but we always meet at his place once he’s away from work. Now my problem is that anytime I visit him, he’s really cool and we enjoy each other’s company but anytime it’s time for me this guy will never see me off.

He did same to me last night and when I called him on my way home, he asked that we talk when I get home but he never picked up my call when I got home. He was on a call for several minutes and he never returned my call after his. We mostly meet in the evening because he’s mostly at work He hardly gets upset over things because he’s quite plain about things he doesn’t like but anytime he’s upset about a complain I make, his only statement is “then let’s break up,” and I don’t like that about him.

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I feel like though he says he’s serious about the relationship he doesn’t take me serious. I need help on how to make him understand how I feel without offending him nor messing my relationship with him. I really like him and we’re barely three months.

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Written by Abena Magis

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