We Want To Make Him Do The Needful.


Hello auntie, good morning. I would like to applaud the good works you’ve been doing here. God richly bless you. Auntie, just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to have a friendly conversation with a lady on one of the popular social media platforms. She was very welcoming and chatty. We were having a very good conversation which hit her to open up even tho I could read she was a closed book.

Auntie, I had already seen her pictures and I must say she’s very beautiful. Throughout the conversation I took notice of how good her grammar was, even tho English doesn’t measure intelligence I can say she is very intelligent from how she expressed herself. She questioned me, “would you believe me if I told you I have a child”?? I doubted from the very beginning cos she didn’t look it. She went on to narrate the whole incident to me and I must say I am very ashamed of my gender. Auntie the man literally took advantage of the lady’s naiveness about life (she is very young) and slept with her. He was a married man who posed himself as single to her. Made promises to her and got her into his bed. The lady got to find out right after their encounter.

She stepped away bcos she was heartbroken. In some weeks time, she found out she was pregnant. She told the man she would terminate the pregnancy but he made very serious threats to her. With fear in her, she had no option than to carry the baby for him. According to her, those months were her worst on earth. Her family have abandoned her cos this wasn’t what they expected from her. She actually lost her work due to the COVID.

She’s delivered safely now and she’s actually passing through hell. Auntie, the man gives gives her 50ghc every week and on top of that, he insults and threatens to take the baby away from her. He can go MIA for months without answering her calls or her messages. Last time she mentioned about taking him on through legal means, he threatened to make her regret and make her life miserable if she tries.

I could sense the pain and suffering she’s going through. My humble plea to you and your fans is to help make this man take proper responsibility of the child. The child is suffering, as well as the mother. Please if there’s anyone here who works with the social welfare, pls make your numbers available in the comment section and let’s take it from there. Any form of help would also be welcomed. Thank you.

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