We Promised Each Other But I’m Losing Him.


Auntie Abena pls I need your advise. Pls keep my identity secret.
I met this guy at a family funeral, which he proposed to me. I told him I had a baby girl and he said he still love me. And to our notice we are even long related.

So the family at first wasn’t in support of our dating. We both fought our relatives and told them we’re gonna get married. He told me when we met that he was having a lady in his life, but the lady isn’t giving attention no more, and also the lady’s mum have helped him in a way, taken loans for him to travel.

So he has to pay them when he’s out of the country. I still accepted him and told him we will fight together. He one day confirmed that the lady called to tell him its over between them, and he was happy to tell me because he is now free to get married to me, and even got me a promise ring. Which I also promised him back with a ring. We’ve dated for a year and a half now.

He visited me some months ago and I had a call from a strange number, it was a guy, he mentioned my name and wanted to know if I’m dating my guy. I asked him why and he told me the guy is pleading for a come back from his ex. So I put the call on loud speaker, he heard all. I asked the guy where he got my number and he said your guy gave it to his ex to confirm from you that you guys are no more.

I hanged up and asked him what was going on, he swore and said he had no idea, and he wouldn’t be so stupid to do that. Things passed, we moved on. Just about a week ago he called in the morning, our usual talks and told me he’s leaving home to passport office and make some rounds bi, we will talk later.

Just some few seconds, a lady started chatting me and told me she wanted to talk to me. I allowed her to call and it was his ex. She asked me if we were still together, and I told her yes. And she was like pls we haven’t broken up so leave my guy for me.

I almost fainted, I relaxed and called my guy, I asked him what was happening, not knowing his ex was in his room. The girl called on video to confirm and I saw that it was his room. I’m in kumasi, I immediately booked for a flight and I went to Accra, and he was still refusing to respond to my calls. He gave my number to his sister to call and talk to me, but I told the sister I wanted to see him, he should just pick me up at the airport.

On his arrival he couldn’t look into my eyes, I saw shame. I took his ring off and gave it to him, but he wasn’t wearing the one I gave him. I discussed with him, I wanted to move on, but he said no, not this time. I should stand by him, I should be strong for him and give him sometime to get out of this. We both went to his sister and husband, they asked him to choose between us, but he still told them we should just give him sometime he’s confused.

So the sister told me I should just calm down because, I’m the one with a promise ring. Auntie Abena I love him, and it’s hard for me when he gives me updates that the ladies mum called him to run some stuffs for him, and that he’s going there. Everyday he’s with them, and he gives me updates. I have to pretend I’m okay on phone and cry afterward. Auntie Abena, pls this soul is bleeding, kindly help me with an advise ?????.

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