We Love Each Other But Our Different Faith Is An Issue.


Hi madam Abena I need advice from your followers; kindly conceal my identity.

Exactly a year ago I was badly cheated on and betrayed by a lady that (3 years older than I) I thought I was dating. The actions of this cunning woman nearly destroyed me. I am fine now. I’ve met a beautiful lady whom I really like and loving her by the day. And OMG she is blessed with beauty and youth(She’ll be 20yrs in April while I’ll be 31 in Nov. this year).

Her age is quite a sharp contrast to my “ex” and I love it. She’s lovely, intelligent and very reasonable. We’ve been intimate and we do it regularly. However, I have some challenges: Firstly, she’s a Jehovah’s witness and I’m a Charismatic guy. She is pretty devout to her religious sect and she wants me to convert b4 we can marry. I don’t even mind marrying her and we maintaining our different churches but she insists that is not allowed in her church so unless I convert. I don’t think I can convert though.

Secondly, she says she’s young and can only marry in 3 years time but I really wanna marry way sooner than that and I’m not sure if I can wait that long.

Lastly, she is under strict surveillance by her parents and thus, we hardly get to spend enough or quality time together. I get to be with her for 1-2hours say three times a week. What’s more, we can’t even talk on phone when she’s home unless chatting cos her mum must not hear her talking to a guy in an amorous manner.

Although we’re fond of ourselves these challenges seems to be taking a toll on us. What do we do?

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