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Good morning. There is this guy I met here on Facebook not long ago. He kept pressuring for a relationship in a just few days of chatting me. Four days ago, I called a friend of mine who was discussing an issue with me about a guy she met on Facebook recently. That he came asking her out with all kinds of sweet words and even came to visit her and made her family believe he liked her.

He intentionally took my friend out for a church program in the evening and since it was late he took her to a small store which is where he sleeps and stays. He told her to relax so she can go home the next day but at dawn he had sex with my friend claiming he loves her. After sleeping with her, this guy started rejecting my friend claiming he doesn’t love her anymore.

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I was curious so I told her to send me his picture, to my surprise it was the same guy who came into my inbox pressuring me for a relationship. I tried to make some investigation about the guy from his area and and from some people. I made his picture go viral and Auntie Abena, another old classmate confirmed to me that the guy has proposed to her too.

Another friend of mine also confirmed that the guy is dating her and even showed me evidence of their calls and conversation. To my surprise a male friend of his told me he saw him post a lady on his WhatsApp a week ago claiming it is his girlfriend. Auntie Abena we were all surprised. If you see the guy doing that you will never believe it. He has an innocent face and talks like he is an angel yet he is the worse kind of womanizer.

Auntie this is not a rich guy but a broke guy who is sleeping in a store. I have come to realize that a lot of broke guys are worse womanizer. K I know you are reading, you’re very wicked.

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Written by Abena Magis

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