We Don’t See Eye To Eye On a Lot of Issues.


Please keep me anonymous. I have a wife who is nine months older than me. We are both workers of GES. We disagree on majority of the decisions that need to be taken as married couples. Recently, an issue of the schooling of our elder son has popped up. She prefers a school that pays higher in terms of fees whilst I have opted for a government school.

She has declined to my choice of schooling, which will affect me financially if I accept to pay for her choice of schooling for our ward. I have made it clear to her that if she doesn’t accept my choice, I will even divorce her. She said she is ready for anything and that she isn’t ready to change her mind on that and she will pay for the schooling.

My fear is that if I don’t pay for his fees now, my wife will one day bring it up that I didn’t care for our child which will be true even if we are still married or not.
Please help me, What should i do?

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