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Post this for me but save my identity I beg wai.

I have been reading a lot of comments from the females saying he should have told her rather than posting it. I agree though but charley not every guy would have that courage to do that.

I experienced that years in school and after some days I noticed I was infected so immediately I came home to seek medical attention. After treatment I went back to school and I called my supposed girlfriend to inform her this is the situation so I would advise we seek medical attention for her.

Come see blasting on the fone.I could have kept quiet about it but I told her because I didn’t want any other guy to know about it. It would pain me to hear anyone say that about her and instead of her knowing I cared about her, it was insults that was rained on me.

Though I didn’t regret telling her, not every guy would have that courage to do that.
So when guys like us get the courage to tell them, they should show appreciation.

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