We Are Having Fun Under Their Noses.


Abena, please help me. We’ve been friends for more than 10years now and we are both married. Before we both got married, we were bad guys and I hope u know what I mean(we womanize). But after we got married, I stopped while my friend was still doing that. His wife complains to me a lot about his attitude which I know very well but I do cover ups for him.

My wife on the other hand has trust issues with me due to my previous womanizing lifestyle which she disrespects most at times. Because of this, we are both not in good terms for more than 3years but we still live under the same roof with a son. My friend on the other hand has 2girls and 1guy with his wife. Whenever my friend’s wife had any issue with my friend, I advice her on what to do which works perfectly in her favour just because I know my friend very well.

I tell her mine and she advices me as well. This lady told me my friend isn’t serious now and isn’t taking good care of them(with the kids) and even sometimes he goes to work and doesn’t come back home for days so she wanted to go out with another guy. I then told her not to but then I will help her financially when she needs my support which I did most at times. So anytime she needed something, she calls and then I support. I’ve always been there for this lady countless of times.

One day, my wife travelled and the lady decided to come over though she used to come over when my wife is around. This happened after she asked of something and I did for her. When she came she said she was there to thank me and that, can I give her a hug. I told her no with that shaky voice. She insisted and I hugged. The hugging turned into kissing and then it happened. Since then, we’ve been lovers cheating on our partners.

It’s been more than a year now and the love keeps growing. We are both enjoying each other more than our partners and we’ve already aborted 1child. Abena I’m in love with this girl and gradually people are suspecting us. Our partners, our parents and even our friends are all suspecting us but I feel they just don’t know how to approach us. But our partners asked both of us and we denied it.

Now we both don’t have feelings for our partners and our partners are not letting go of us. Though we both are not sexually satisfying them. Madam Abena, sometimes I feel this relationship doesn’t have any future and that we both are wasting our time. I need an advice ????.

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