Was I Wrong to Tell His Wife


Good evening. Please I confronted my ex-boyfriend’s wife and want to know if I did the right thing.

We met on campus, became friends and started dating. I began having suspicions about him but anytime I asked him, he’ll tell me it’s not true. I saw his wedding picture on Facebook which showed he’s married. I asked him about it but he told me they divorced in 2017 before he came to campus.

I even saw a child on his status who really resembles him. I asked this man but he said the child is his sister’s child. We were still together but I still had doubts and backed off. I got the wife’s account and decided to tell him I’ll confront the wife.

I just wanted to know the truth and she indeed confirmed that it’s true they are married. We aren’t together but is it okay that I told his wife? I only wanted her to know what’s going on. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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