Was I Right to Forgive My Boyfriend?


Good afternoon Aunt Abena.
I’m in a relationship with this nice guy and i love him so much.
Today marks our 2nd anniversary.
I hadn’t seen him for 8 months. Not that he had travelled out of the country.
He’s in Accra and I’m in Nsawam.
He always told me the excuse of being busy at work. I believed him because i knew the nature of his job and the stress that comes with it so I gave him the benefit of doubt.

I got to realize our way of communicating was growing weaker and weaker every day, I sent him messages so we could work things out.
He came over on Sunday after he had close from work.
We did stuff ? .

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I later borrowed his phone to make a call and I felt there was a need to go through his phone, which i know was wrong and I’m really sorry about that. I saw a text from a lady, telling him she loves him and so many stuff. In fact I was hurt on seeing that so I became moody at once and he noticed it. He asked why but I told him I was ok so I slept off. In fact, we both slept off.

When we woke up, we had supper and after supper i asked him if he had something to tell me. He said no but I asked him to look into my eyes and promise to tell me the truth no matter what, even if it’s going to hurt me so he stared in my eyes but denied it severely.
I played smart with him. I told him I know what he did and whom it was. That in fact I saw it and how it happened and also how he enjoyed it with her.

He laughed it off but I got serious with a face and he said “sorry bae.” I was deeply hurt that he could not look me in the face so I had to turn his face to my direction and I forgave him. I told him I’ve forgiven him and that if he regrets his actions then he shouldn’t repeat it again. I told him that if he thinks I will always forgive him when he cheats on me then he’s joking because I’m human and can’t do that for long.
Please I want to know if I did the right thing.

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Written by Abena Magis

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