Was I Disrespectful?


Please I will be glad if you could help me define what constitutes disrespectfulness in an issue between my husband and I.

My husband and I budgeted for a service. Unfortunately our expenses on it balloned up by an extra 100% as other expenses came up which we initially didn’t budget for thus having to pay more.

Now the problem is, our customer in charge of the service delivery outsourced some of the work which resulted in extra cost.

One day, my husband and I were going somewhere when we chanced on a certain man offering a similar service. So I encouraged him to ask the man of his charges so as to compare prices for an effective bargain. My husband however declined and said it was not necessary since he doesn’t want a second hand aside the first

(NB: He has been complaining and thinking of how to raise money to do that particular thing)

Since the man was working close to us, I approached and asked casual questions about the job but unfortunately, before I could say Jack my husband had disappeared.

He had boarded a troski and left without me due to anger. I had to abort my trip with him since he’d left without me and I also didn’t know the place we were going.

Hours later, he came home only for him to wake me up amidst screams, in a compound house oo, that I am very disrespectful. That he will teach me a very bitter lesson since I disrespected him by asking the 2nd service man of his services and charge. Come and see screams upon screams, disturbing the other tenants.

Please I want you to help me with what constitutes disrespect here? Is it wrong to compare 2 prices? Does submission mean “yes sir boss” only? Please help me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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